Build My Rank Temproarily Closed To New Members

Hey all, I got an email yesterday from BMR saying they are now closing new registrations. This is temporary, and during tis closed doors time they are going to proceed to few improvements. Here’s what they say:

While we are closed we will be 1) rapidly expanding our network footprint 2) upgrading server hardware to support our next growth phrase and 3) updating our code base to meet higher volume demands.

I guess this is a great thingif we consider we want quality backlinks from a quality network and it’s even better when new members will have access to it. I don’t know if prices are going to increase, and I didn’t have any notification that. So I hope it will not. They also didn’t say when they plan to reopen, even approximately.

So, if you planned on joining a blog network, you may wonder what should it be. Well, in my last post I mentioned SEO Link Monster, and how it compared in terms of features with BMR. Since I am not a member I couldn’t speak about personal results. But when they opened of course they already got great reviews, and from their features it “would” have been a good option. It doesn’t seem that great now.

Yesterday I read some more recent reviews on the Warrior Forum about it and there’s some disappointment: customer support seems to not be replying to questions, it’s overpriced, no improvement, not that high quality blogs, no PR blogs. Again, I am not a member but you can make your own opinion in reading the reviews yourself.

Some are saying they are still in launch period and need more time, but I have to admit it sounds like an excuse. If people are paying for a service and you’re not delivering on your claims then don’t claim it. Hope it will improve for current members.

So the real question now is what network to join if the best one is closed (even temporarily) and another promising one is not as good as it was supposed to. Well, I want to be honest and thus I won’t give any recommendation, just like SEOLM, I’m only a member of BuildMyRank. You can not just know what works based on claims.

Another SEO alternative I’ve heard that seems to get great results and is one of the most automated stuff you can use in LinxBoss. It starts at $147 a month too and though not a blog network, it can get you great rankings. It’s a place where you can outsource all your link building. Their platforms allow you to purchase services from several providers on the web, they also now pblish the guaranteed links you get for each and the price per link too.

That’s the kind of transparency you may like too. They have a free trial too so at least you can see how it works and the tons of features you get.

Okay, I’m preparing some other posts about SEO, conversions, and finally the new theme for this blog. There should be case study and tips that are worth your time.

Until next post, have a great time and give your best to whatever you want to do, that will get you results. Never give up.

SEO Link Monster – Should You Go For It? My Opinion…

Hey all, today I wan to discuss about SEO Link Monster that everyone has been talking about. I actually almost missed it was launched. I have to say I’m not a member, at least not yet. But I have seen people talking about it as a superior solution to BuildMyRank, and some say it’s not. So is it going to be superior? Well it really depends how you feel about doing SEO, and I will try to discuss the various features that can make a difference.

My Experience With BMR so far

First thing to say, I am a Build My Rank user. It works, plain and simple. It really push your rankings to the top. I recommend it without hesitation. If you have several niche websites this is a great tool. The one thing that I don’t like is that they can cancel your account if your post approval rate is too low. I mean, they reject the bad posts, so they’re not published, and the network quality is preserved.

But they will still ban you because you have a low approval rate. I guess it’s costing them money, they certainly pay a certain amount of money for reading, approving and rejecing posts and the more a post is submitted for approval, the more time someone has to check it, and the more money they have to spend.

I even just received a ban notice from them, and I have to get a 85% approval rate in the next 30 days. I actually hired writers and it seems they were not so good. I have new ones now, so I will see. I also have to add they are really picky sometimes and even reject posts that are VERY readable. I even deleted posts that were rejected without trying to fix them, these seem to count in your approval rate too. Maybe it would cost them less to have their approval team to fix a comma or a typo when this the only thing to do.

I’ll do a more in depth review some time (yeah I know I already said that weeks ago), but the results I’ve seen are great. I had links from PR1 to PR4 blogs, with a very high indexing rate. And all keywords I really used it for have climbed to page 1.

So let’s now see the differences with SEO Link Monster.

The price
Build My Rank offers a 2 weeks free trial with 10 links. And then starts at $59 per month for 5 domains. You can then promote as many URLs from these domains as you want. From their pricing page, here’s the upgrade options and pricing:
Up to 5 domains – $59/month
Up to 10 domains – $79/month
Up to 20 domains – $99/month
Up to 50 domains – $159/month
Up to 100 domains – $275/month
Up to 150 domains – $360/month
Up to 200 domains – $400/month

Seo Link Monster is $47 for the first month, then $147 per month thereafter. BUT you don’t have any domain limit.

With BMR, there is no intermediate options between 20 and 50 domains, but the pricing is still degressive. And if you are a niche marketer and don’t have too many sites to promote, the 20 domains options may be already good for you. You can also “archive” a domain and replace it with another one. You can still reactivate your archived domains and swithch them when you want to promote them. You keep all your links of course.

I actually don’t think the domain limit is one of the main difference for the user. But it can still have an importance in your costs, I’ll explain.

Content Lenght
BMR wants post lenght to be a minimum of 150 words, and one link per 15 words. SEOLM wants at least 2 sentences and a maximum of 500 words posts, and you’re allowed upto 3 links per post.

Content Quality
BMR doesn’t accept any spun content. Everything must be unique, proper English and all. Also, one post goes to only one blog in the network. If you want another link to your site, you have to write another post.

SEO Link Monster accepts spun content. And this is where your costs can go down. Because with one article that you get spun, it will be distributed to multiple blogs, and you thus get as many backlinks as it is published.

Of course BMR lovers will say that spun content can lead to unreadble articles and then the network quality would start to decline. That may be right, and I can’t tell you how much of quality control SEO Link Robot will perform. I don’t think they will actually be able to control each version of each article, but they may control their blog network from time to time.

HOWEVER, I also know that spun content done right can still be correct and readable. I know that some will use it in a spinning software and just click a button to have it automatically spun. This will lead to poor content. But if you rewrite each of your sentences several times, manually, add/remove paragraphs and sentences and use synonyms, again manually but still with the HELP of a software you can get great content every time. I said the HELP of a software, to make things easier, and not have the software to do everything automatically.

That said, I also have seen people promote their site with garbage content in some other blog networks. And if you alaready performed some kind of backlinks analysis on your competitors, you know what I mean. Sentences that don’t make sense with backlinks using keywords. Or an article that is not even related to the keyword they’re trying to rank for. The truth is… it still produced results because the blogs got high PR and other authority and ranking factors. And if you performed backlink analysis, this is certainly because they ranked on first page too…

So, it is too early to say that this network is going to be of a BETTER quality of BuildMyRank, in terms of content. My current thought is that it will not, simply because BMR filters poor content out, even for some very little grammar or spelling errors so they only have readable and proper English posts.

But what counts in the end is… Results.

Since I’m not a member of SEOLM I can’t talk of my results with them. However they already seem to have some fans who have great results, and even for very cometitive keywords, not just long tail keywords. Their indexing rate is good, I think I’ve seen something like 84%. They also give you the URLs where your blog post is published, that mean that you can also build links to your links to either index those that aren’t yet, or make them even more powerful.

If you get and keep high rankings from your spun articles, then no problem. It’s ven egoing to cut your costs down.

A lot of people will want to oursource their article creation and submission in SEO Link Monster, just like you can do with BMR. I’m on oDesk too, and I’ve seen prices for BMR posts from $0.40 per post to $2+ per post. And again you will have to pay for 10 posts if you want 10 backlinks (assuming you want 150 words posts). With SEO Link Monster you can outsource one article writing/spinning to get these 10 or more backlinks.

PageRank is not the only factor to take into account for rankings, but it’s still a good indicator and since people wants to know about it I’m mentioning it here. BMR have blogs from PR1 to PR6 (though for now I only got upto PR4 links), SEOLM has links from PR1 to PR4.

BMR can get you a maximum of 10 links per day per domain. SEO Link Monster will allow you to get 14.

SEO Link Monster will certainly work, it already work for others. I don’t know how the network quality will be maintained as many have preached for the power of unique content. But that doesn’t mean it will not provide results because you will get a high number of INDEXED links, from a variety of sources and IPs, with high PR.

I would say you can give SEO Link Monster a try, they have a money back guarantee for the first month, they will refund all your money if you don’t like them.

From my research and experience, both BMR and SEOLM will get you results quite fast so you should gauge if it’s worth investing with one of them long term. But also keep in mind that SEO can also take some time and for competitive terms you might want to wait for few weeks or months.

If you want to thank me for the effort, my affiliate links are ready! Oh no I don’t have any crappy bonus that will not enhance your experience with them…

Go to BuildMyRank – starts at $59 per month for 5 domains, may cost you more per link if you outsource.
Go to SEO Link Monster – $47 for first month, then $147 per month for no domain limits. Will cost you less per link when you outsource writing and spinning. – Not A Better Outsourcing Site

Hey everyone, hope everything’s fine for everyone, I’ll have few reviews for you, and certainly case study to reveal. Well, the first one will be about This is the outsourcing site, like oDesk, for hiring workers from the Philippines by John Jonas, creator of

For those who don’t know Replace Myself is a program that teaches you how to outsource your business so you can live the 4 Hour Work Week (or a bit more hours), it includes training modules for your workers, and is a monthly subscription service. If you’re a member, you get free access to to which is $49 per month, $105 quarterly, or $299 yearly.

Now that’s it for the introduction. I chose the monthly subscription, as I just needed writers, once you are a member, you can post job offers or contact workers directly. So this post is kind of a review. Review and Story

I’m disappointed. Really. It’s not just the fact you have to pay, but their system needs serious improvement. I got a refund. You need to look at their terms and conditions, and a good reason to get a refund. I had one. And here’s the story.

I needed writers for Build My Rank (BMR), so I thought I could contact few workers firectly who were experienced with BMR. I did, and got no answer.

So I posted a job offer for it, and it seemed to work really well. I think I had 9 applicants. They contact you directly through email, so it seems there is no way to send a message through the site interface. That doesn’t make a big difference, but if you like the message system to manage all your workers communications then you can’t.

All applicants seem motivated. I asked for perfect English, as BMR will reject any pporly written content. Now let’s be honest, Filipino workers are affordable contrary to other countries, I offered a salary based on what other writers and BMR experts were desiring as a salary. In their profile there is a “desired salary”. At the time, most writers wanted 12,000 PHP, which is about $275-$280, for a full-time job of 40 hours per week. And some are even desiring less.

So of course this site has been marketed and recommended to find great workers for cheap, because the life is much cheaper there. We all understand that. And so paying for a subscription would still be okay.

So in my job offer, the salary was stated, with all the terms and conditions and everything. Well all applicants really had great English, I’d say even better than mine and they really looked professional at the time of contacting me. I hired two writers for BMR, and offered another writing job to a third person.

All persons have understand the job. All were hired for a full time job of 40 hours per week. EACH TIME I contacted them asking if they really understand the job and everything. Yes, yes, yes. Very enthusiastic persons, one BMR writer was already experienced so no need to train, he knew about approval rate and all.

The second writer didn’t know how to submit posts to BMR. I sent a video, and still it seems she had issues. I contacted the BMR support, that replied in 1h30 to me and to her. Still had issues, I resolved those. Then trained her and showed her the basics. That was Sunday, she got trained and now has a new skill.

The other worker would have product reviews, but unfortunately the family’s house was destroyed by fire and she would have to pay for interner shop costs. So that would be great if I paid upfront… Well, NO. I explained I already paid upfront in the past and got burnt by crappy workers who just disappear.

Monday, first day of work. Philippines is 7 hours ahead of France, so when I woke up, their work day should alreay well started. I log into BMR to see how many posts have been posted… NONE.

That’s right, nothing, no work provided. No email to communicate about a potential issue, nothing. So, I emailed the 2 BMR writer. One answered me the same day, saying that she got offered another BMR writer job, with a lesser work load and a heavier salary… Hmm why the hell apply to that job? Oh and now she’s trained for BMR which she didn’t know previously… Kinda dishonnest, I’ve been really friendly with her, spending time with her and telling her there would be no pressure, that was a trial work week and she didn’t like it there was another writing job available anyway.

The other guy, the experienced one, answered the next day. Excuses… Even in the job offer I said I needed reliable and dedicated workers who will not make excuses for not providing the work. Well from his reply, let’s quote “several issues related to my family which I will not disclose further but will if you ask me to” and “my laptop got severely damaged and would require me a substantial amount of time for me to get a new one.”

You would not imagine how many people can’t provide work because their computer just broke. Even one of the last applicant for the job told me that he just got it back from repair and hoped he wasn’t too late.

And finally, the third person, which I gave product reviews to write, simply didn’t do anything.

So, that was a really bad experience. I was using oDesk at the same time and it provides you much more control and visibility. should invest in a system that offers more transparency.

Quite frankly, at $49 a month, you would expect that there is more for you, the one who pays for a service. Actually, you just pay for getting contact information, and get contacted from your job offer.

Their system is not the nicest, but this would be fine if the workers still passed some test, could get rated by employers. On their profile, they rate their skills themselves.

So I quit just after 1 job offer. I could have dedicated it more time, but time is important, that’s why I outsource. I don’t get more visibility or a way to know if a worker is great for a job. I could have contacted other applicants and offer the vacant poistions, but no.

I’m not saying all the workers there are bad, I’m absolutely sure there are some awesome workers who will communicate with you and not wait that YOU contact them to know what happens. People who provide great work that you can rely on.

But I was terribly disappointed, and I really don’t see the point of paying $49 if there is no better service. Oh yeah, you can get a worker recruited for you… for $800! That would be 2 workers full time for a month… so no thank you. Way overpriced.

Do I recommend

If you don’t mind going through interviews, maybe training without any guarantee of work, then why not. But that means you ned TIME! We outsource so we can get back free time, and the fact is  I’m really happy to talk with my workers and teach them stuff if it benefits my business and them too. If they get more skilled, they will work better, smarter, faster.

But I wasted time with 3 persons. I may be super unlucky to have hired 3 out of 3 persons who didn’t provide any work. Still, if there was some kind of skill control or past work feedback (you can add a review but you don’t have the visibility oDesk offers), then it could be worth it. Actually it would be worth it if you got job done, that what’s count in the end.

For now, you can just go to oDesk and pay their 10% fee for each project, decide your own rate, see the work done with screenshots with their tracking system (if you pay hourly), offer different price (and workers can propose different rates when they apply too). With hourly work, the time gets logged in and workers have a payment guarantee. It’s much more transparent.

So that’s it. If you have time to dedicate to finding workers, then you may try them. It’s still a great database of workers with affordable rates. But it’s not for me. The support was great, and understood well the issue and accepted the refund.

What’s next?

Well if you read this, you saw I also subscribed to BuildMyRank, so I will also have a review. All I can say for now is that I love it, it’s been about 2 weeks only and it DOES provide results. I will have to see if those stick but from what I see this is worth it, I canceled my TheLinkJuicer subscription and I’m happy to pay for something that works now. I have the basic 5 domains plan, and I think in about a month I will upgrade to 10 domains.

Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer Review

Have you heard about Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer? This is the keyword reseach software review I promised you earlier today. If you don’t want to read because you already know what it does but still need a recommendation from a buyer and user then here it is: Buy it.

(I’m really sorry, this review should have been posted yesterday but I had plenty things going on at the same time. Review was written though but I wanted to add screenshots)

Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer Review

I would really wanted to do this a video a review but it’s been a while since my microphone is dead and I didn’t replace it. Anyway, I could show you how to use it, but the videos on the sales page do it just fine.

Plain simply, the software works, really. It delivers what it claims so regarding the functionality or technical question, there is nothing to say. I’ll tell you the ONLY problem I got which was solved by Alex Safie, the owner the same day I asked, and it was a Sunday…

But… How it works?

Well the principle behind Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer (SKCA for short), is quite simple. You enter your list of keyword that you just downloaded from the Google Adwords Keyword Tool and you hit start so it perform analysis on your keywords.

You should activate the Cost Per Click column, and select if you want broad, phrase or exact match. I always choose exact. You may need to be logged in to activate the CPC, I don’t remember. Anyway one you have your keyword list returned, download it as CSV (not CSV for Excel), and then import it into STKA. It will ask you if you want to import the Global or Local search count.

Once you hit start the software will check out the competition for each keyword according to several factors. These are explained in the bonus report called “Cutting Edge Keyword Research”, which contains even more tips to make your keyword selection even better and guarantees easy rankings.

 Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer

Actually everything the software does can be done manually. But when you have hundreds of keywords, you really want to use the power of automation. In addition to your imported datas from Google keyword tool (keyword, search volume, CPC), SKCA then tells you the following.

Number of Competing Pages: these are the number of results when you search your keyword in quotes. Even if buyers or searchers are typing without quotes, this tells you the number of pages which contains exactly your keyword as you entered it.

Real competing pages: Something you want to pay attention. This number is much lower, but doesn’t mean it’s easy to rank. This number is the real number of pages Google displays in its result. Indeed, while Google tells you about a number of competing pages, it will not show you them all. Even if you want to go to the last page of results. This trick is explined in the bonus report:

Type a keyword in Google and hit search, then at the end of your address bar add “&start=990”, this will force Google to show you results from the 990 result. Example with the keyword “weight loss” BEFORE adding this tag:

SKCA Screenshot

You can see there are about 300 millions of results. After adding the tag we can read this at the bottom of the page:

SKCA Review

At this point Google knows there is no real reason to display even more results. They are certainly similar and less relevant to your search term. So you get the message above. You can also see we’re on page 89, so even before the 990 to 1000 results page.

In this example, Google considers 890 results are well enough competing pages: this is what Stealth Keyword Competiton Analyzer puts in the Real Competing Pages column (892, which you’ll agree is very close).

The other columns are quite self explanatory, Competition Strenght, Average PR (for page 1), PR strenght, Competition, Commercial (does it have commercial intent), Ads count (number of AdWords ads on first page) and the keyword rating.

SKCA is really cool because it will tell you what keywords are Amazing. This is the highest rating the tool gives:

Terrible, Bad, Good, Great and Amazing.

So the best keywords to go for are the one that met all the criteria, buyer keywords with a high search volume, high CPC that you can easily rank for. Wait a minute… That’s exactly what we want! And actually the only thing we want to know about.

Now, you don’t have to only focus on Amazing keywords, but Great keywords are certainly worth a look too. Also watch those with low and very low competition whican be useful to suck a bit of traffic too.

Now of course, your results will depend on the keywords you got from Google Adwords tool and that you imported in first place. But I truly recommend you don’t only shot for keywords with thousands of searches per month. Actually, you will find those with a Amazing rating. But there are also so many more keywords with low search volume that will anyway bring you tons of traffic, because you can target much more of those.

So yes, in any niche you’re in, you will find, 20 or even 50 amazing keywords. You don’t have to limit your website around one seed keyword you entered in the AdWords tool. For example,you can enter the seed keyword internet marketing in the AdWords Tool, then import it in SKCA and it gives you 15 amazing keywords. Do it again, this time starting with affiliate marketing, and one more time with make money online, or keyword research, search engine optimization, etc.

You get the point. With this software you can get all the keywords you need to build an authority website that will make you money faster because you will rank faster, and more easily.

Okay so now, what was the problem I got with this software?

Well… It didn’t import the data from the CSV I downloaded. Yeah, I couldn’t use it I thought. So I just reported this issue to Alex, who solved this super quickly. I just had to change the language in AdWords. Indeed, the software imports datas from the CSV columns, which are supposed to be in English. Since I’m using the french version my CSV was in french and the tool didn’t know where to put the datas. It still keeps the CPC in my own currency (Euro, so it’s even more in Dollars).

So, yeah, this software works, and it rocks. Quite frankly, there are many keyword research softwares out there and if you’re happy with yours then fine. But I also know some much more expensive tools get quite buggy. This one is simple and just tells you what keywords are worth it. A huge time saver and you don’t need really more options or features when yo want to rank for a keyword.

Another thing I almost forgot, the software can tell you if the exact match domain is available (for .com, .net and .org). It is of course useful when you’re doing niche marketing and want your exact match domain for a buying keyword. This helps in SEO and nice this feature has been added.

Then the other features at the bottom are the proxies support, great if you have tons of keywords and may do your analysis faster instead of only using your ip.

And the other button which is interesting is the “Trends” one. One factor that is taken into account by many is the upward trend of a keyword. Alex added this because it’s one of the factor he uses in his keyword selection, this is useful again because if a keyword has a climbing trend, then it may certainly receive more traffic in the future and you will want to rank early for this one. And if its trend gets down, then maybe that niche, or product isn’t as popular as it was and may be not worth the effort. This is another great addition that reinforce the purpose of SKCA: giving you the best keywords to target and get traffic from.

I think the next step for me would be to run a case study on building a website selecting the keywords given by Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer.

Okay, if you can see the value and power in SKCA, then do yourself a favor: buy it now.

If you want to stop wasting your time and only choose the right golden nuggets for your promotion material, blogging or any other content work, then get Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer.

Very Busy Days! But Still Here

Hey you, hope you’re all good. I’m sorry I haven’t added much posts from last week until today, I am very busy with tons of stuff that really don’t have to do with internet marketing of any kind. But hey, that’s life and everyone has things to do too.

I’ve been working a lot on the new theme, and will finally not use the Gantry Framework as I said in a previous post.I’ve been brainstorming with other persons for Christmas gift ideas (and I still haven’t done any shoppin, oops), and a little bit of… woodworking.

But anyway I think I will have something like 12 widgetized areas, I certainly should have outsourced the work because it took me a lot of time to figure things out. I’m not a designer or coder but really thought it would not take that long. Anyway it’s almost done, I just need to choose few colors. IT will still be a very simple and clean layout.

Okay so, I’m still here and will tell you about few other things today. I think I’l have a review ready for you about a keyword research software. Yeah I know there are tons on the market but this one is really inexpensive and do everything you actually want from such tool.

For now, have you checked the new videos from The Elevation Group? You really should as they are really giving you some more great infos, such as how Mike Dillard created a 6 figures retirement plan tax free. Tat’s right, from his 60 he will be able to get $100,000. Oh, that’s per month!

Today video 3 should also be released. So if you want to get smart about your finances and protect your assets, grow your money, this is where you want to go today.

See you later for the keyword research software review.


What Are Your Goals For The End of 2011?

Target New Goals!Hey all, a quick question today: what are your goals for the end of 2011. This year is almost over and I guess in January 2011 you may have set goals, and maybe reached few of those, or all. Great. But if some are not reached yet you need to act fast, and if you don’t have any left to meet, then maybe you could set new ones.

7 days in December have already passed, so you have to take advantage the remaining 24 to shoot the right target. In such a short timeframe you will really have to ensure your goal is realistic.

Christmas is still profitable if you want to market few affiliate products, that may be one of your goal: building a new website or fanpage around a product and drive traffic to it to generate [insert whatever amount of $] you want.

It doesn’t have to be around internet marketing or any professional task.

That’s just an example, but in fact there are always plenty of things we plan and don’t do. So again, the last 3 weeks of December can still be profitable or great to get a new challenge.

So before you plan your goals for 2012, what are your goals for the end of 2011?

For me, there is one I mentioned about in a post I made 3 or 4 days ago about improving this blog. I want to change the theme, add more social engagement and add images to my posts. For the images, I just need to think about adding an image. For the other two, I’m currently playing with the Gantry Framework, which allows you to create any kind of layout. It’s for Joomla and WordPress (there is a plugin and a theme). So I’m testing on another domain before I add it here because there are tons of options to configure and it may take a bit of time before I really produce something cool.

Anyway, please share your time sensitive goals now for the end of 2011 in the comments.

The Elevation Group Video 1: How To Predict Financial Future

Hey all, hope everything is well for you. And I hope everything will get even better, if you have watched the videos and read the free report Mike Dillard from The Elevation Group released free for everyone, you may know what his team has done to predict the financial future. Things you can do to to profit from the economy, no matter what happens. And also few of their predictions.

The Elevation Group - How To Predict The Financial Future

You can still watch this video and download the free report “The Common Man’s Guide To Predicting The Financial Future”. Just click here and signup.

The video talks about a lot of economic factors, lots of figures in the first minutes of the video to help you analyze and understand why the financial crash happened. The economy is bad for sure but it’s going to be worse.

Actually, governments, politicians don’t have a clue about economy and finance it seems. Plus since every major economy are interlinked, when one goes down… it pulls the other down too.

I’ve seen the impressive figures in the graphs Mike Dillard shares. That’s kind of scary, I didn’t really realize that. Thingsl ike the global debt was something like 44 trillions of dollars, 15 trillions for the USA alone.

So the growth as we expect will not occur really, except in few niches such as bio-technology. One point they made was the lack of resources that we’re going to face.

Most economies depend on oil. We need it for resources such as food from where it’s produced to your plate. Production, transport, etc. But the thing is oil production declines, and new oil discoveries too (over 9% per year!). Water is going to be a problem too. The global population is increasing tremendously, that means more food, more water, more resources are needed.

To cope with this more money is simply printed and flooded into the market. What happens is the devaluation of the currency, which leads to hyperinflation.

This will happen again.

The financial advisors give their predictions for 2012 which are very interesting (it starts at about 40 minutes).

The free report is the supplement for this first video and it will give you everything you need to know too. It’s packed with all the infos you’ve heard in the news and historical datas and graphs. It’s a really great report, very well written and eye opening. Read it.

I’ve also receive another email by Mike to watch another video which receives tons of great comments, but haven’t watched it yet. Anyway, the content delivered by The Elevation Group team is very solid and though ti’s not about internet marketing it is still of the highest importance. For your money, life, family.

Video 2 will be released on December 8th and this is where the real meat starts, with speakers of choice that you shouldn’t miss. I won’t tell you more about it. You’ll have to be there, that’s it.

So if you haven’t done so, get your videos and report.

Learn What The Rich Do & Secure Your Financial Future

Hey all, hope everything is well for you. I didn’t post during the week end, I was busy with few things, including stuff for this blog. Today we will be talking about your financial future and hot you can secure it doing what the rich are doing. This is not about internet marketing, this is clearly about your life and how you want to live it.

You certainly know the world has been hit by financial and economic crisis. However it seems few people still got richer, actually they could predict what was going to happen. They have protected their assets, invested in ventures that will return them more than any stocks could give you back in a lifetime and other stuff that will make their life and the life of their family secure.

Predict And Secure Your Financial Future

Now I don’t know about you, but  srely want to know these kind of things. This is long term stuff. Today you must visit one website: The Elevation Group and watch the videos.

The Elevation Group

The Elevation Group is a community founded by Mike Dillard, he has given the CEO position to Martin Hirsch. They both have made millions of dollars and helped many companies grow their business.

Mike Dillard is not a financial advisor, trader or something like that. But he has met the rich of our world and documented what they do to, how they manage their finance so they can live easy and have peace of mind regarding their future. He has discovered what you can do to reach financial stability, freedom and security. And while most investors have lost a big share of their portfolio, Mike has made a return of over 300% since 2008 (when the crisis began). Not bad.

So members from all walks of life, ordinary people like you and I were getting some REAL information on how to profit right NOW, during economic crashes. Wouldn’t it be awesome to learn this yourself?

Learn What The Rich Do

The Elevation Group has opened its doors a year ago in december 2010, then was closed to new member. One year later, this month, they will reopen the doors and you will have the opportunity to become a member in the next few days. Before you decide if this is something you want to be part to, you can register for more information videos and report about what Mike Dillard has already learnt and shared with members.

Actually Mike has asked 12 members of his group to go through a year-in review.So in the next few days you will kow what they have to say about what they learnt.

Things like:

  • Is it possible for boomers to protect the funds that they have left, or even turn the losses into profits.
  • What can the next generation do with their money in order to protect and grow it in the long run in such an unstable economic environment
  • Is it possible for the average person with limited funds to still achieve financial prosperity using the investment strategies of the rich.

These are the core questions in the mission of The Elevation Group and members know the answer is YES for them. And you will be able to see you can do it too.

So first, signup for the videos. You will get access to the first video immediately, it is called What’s Going To Happen To The Economy In 2012.

You also get the 15 page report The Common Man’s Guide To Predicting The Financial Future, completely free too.

I’ve watched and read eveything they have produced from now… It’s very VERY interesting. It’s powerful. In fact, nobody should pass this opportunity. If you want to become educated financially, this is time.

The other videos will be released during the next couple week: How We’re Profiting During
A Depression
and How We’re Going To Change The World.

I truly believe you should at least take a look at the webinar, get the free bonus videos they will send you and then decide if you want to see more. As Isaid the access to the Elevation Group will only be in about 2 weeks so take some free financial knowledge while you can.

Also, I plan joining the Elevation Group myself, so before I jump in I’m in the process of researching a lot of infos about what they have for us and tell you here. As you know I’m not in the US and I need to know if their strategies are for everyone (I’ve already read they are for anyone from anywhere in the world).

One thing is for sure, the economical and financial crisis have been terrible for individuals and tons of businesses. However, there is also no doubt that some rich people got even richer. Because they know, they have the right information. Knowledge is power.

If you want to predict the financial future, protect your money and grow it, feel secure for you and your finally for the years to come you must watch these videos, because clearly, and I’m not saying this lightly, it can change your life.

Click HERE!

How To Improve This Blog?

Hey all, I just finished writing the post on long articles, and it got me thinking about the way my blog looks. At this time it’s kinda clean. I mean, I don’t have ads flashy everywhere, I just have my content and sidebar… And that’s kind of boring or maybe not that attractive. I have focused my attention on making the blog a little better on writing what I think is good quality content, but does my look good quality?

Not sure, at least I could change the theme that I’m using now for… huh, I can’t remember how long. So, on the todo list: Change WordPress Theme.

Along with theme, I think about graphics, images, I should add some to my posts to make them a little sexier. Not that it will be filled with hot girls images, but it will just look a little better. And images with alt tags and your keywords adds up to your on site SEO and thus help getting more traffic. That’s not much effort. So, second item on the todo list.

Then, I thought about readers engagement, and social activity. At the end of each post there is of course the little icons from the Sociable plugin but it could be more present. I guess a Follow me on Twitter, or link to my Facebook page will do better. Oh yeah but… I need a Facebook account for this then.

It will require me some time to make a great Facebook page but not that much if I follow some easy tutorials on YouTube (yes this tip was also for you who earch for any tutorial: search Youtube first).

This is certainly good to have people who keep coming back to this blog and comment and share thoughts. Plus social medias are so huge now it can not be overlooked and even plays a role in SEO.

For now that’s my list:

  • Change Theme
  • Add pictures to posts
  • Get more social

Have any suggestions? Shoot your comments.

That was a short post but mentioned in the beginning of the post, I added a post about writing articles, and it was over 1500 words I think so I’m done for today here 😉

Easy Ways To Write 1000 Words Articles

Hey all, I’m back for another post that will be focused on content again and how you can write some great content either for your own site or for maketing purposes (article directories and more). Actually, great content doesn’t mean you need to write long articles, but long articles tend to rank better.

From my observations and others experience, after recent Google updates it seems you need more and more to provide the quality AND quantity required to readers. Both need to be there on your site. The purpose of search engines is to provide the users the best source possible of information. Now for your website you write your best content because you want to attract traffic naturally (see my previous article on long tail keyword groups).

Sure as affiliates you may have been told to not tell everything in your content, that you need to tease a little bit so readers want to know more and click. Well that’s still a valid point but it doesn’t mean you can not give your best in your content.

So with that in mind I’m going to give you tips on how to write longer articles and still keep quality instead of filling those with fluff. In fact, you can use the same strategies for shorter articles, it will work too. Okay so here’s the main tip:

Split your topic into sub topics.

So of course, you may already know this tip, some may have tell you to read few articles on the subject, find 3 to 5 main points to talk about and expand on each. Add intro and conclusion. That is the basics.

Even if it’s not that a new concept, you need to see it as a starting point for ALL different article types you want to write. With examples this is going to be more concrete.

There are several ways to structure articles, and also to approach your writing flow. Some will just start to write and ideas will flow and that’s great. Others may just need to take a minute to think about all ideas that could be included in the article, write them down and start expanding on each.

Write Top Lists

What could be the angle of your article. As many affiliate marketers, you may have chosen to promote Amazon products. This is the first to come to my mind because today I just wrote an article very easily. It wasn’t a review though, but a top 10 list.

Top 10, or top 7 or whatever you want are really easy to write. To get to over 1000 words, you jut need to make a top 10 bestselling products of your niche, or subniche, and write about 100 words on each. With intro and conclusion you jus made it. It’s quite easy and you just need to point the main feature and the benefit it provides to get almost your content done. Add something about the price and user feedback you find in each product reviews and you’re done. In other words give the meat in 5 sentences and you’re done.

The same goes for top 10 ClickBank products. You can definitely make a list of the best products in a category and distribute this article to article directories. On your site you will review them more in details.

Each time you think it will become hard to write on a point/feature/product, simply just add one more. You will have more point to discuss, the number of words per features will be lower but in the end you will reach the word count you want.

Product Reviews

So for product reviews, after you started with your intro (which you could very well write after your main content is done, try it), you start with the main features and the benefits it brings. Basically, each product (or product type) should serve a purpose. So people looking for reviews want to know how well the product does the job. It should be this main benefit (or feature that brings the benefit) that you start your review with.

Then, add a second feature that is quite important. Following the same process. From this point if you really want to dig into all the features and benefits of the product, then yes, you can. It depends on what you want to do with your website, and how much details you want to give your readers. But instead you can also quickly list all features and ALWAYS state the benefit it brings. So you will have a list like this:

  • feature 1, this is useful because you will go through the process of blah blah quicker so you will save a lot of time
  • feature 2, nice it is included, most competitors forget it. It definitely helps you to…
  • feature 3, …

As you can see you re-state again the two main features here. Most of the time people will scan your content, and will stop on a list, so you really want to add again what you just developped earlier, but in a shorter version. Do the same for all other items on your list.

You can then talk about negatives. Not too many, one or two, and turn those into positives. Explain why it’s not a deal breaker, if only one person mentioned this negative it’s certainly not worth adding it.

Then you can add what customers have to say. This is something most ebooks about writing Amazon product reviews will tell you. Grab an excerpt of several good reviews. Just quote a paragraph or sentences that are relevant Don’t publish the whole thing, ecept if it’s really short. You may link to each review or to a really good one (see the “permalink” at the bottom of each review on Amazon).

Then conclude. Just another paragraph about the product, the purpose, how well it does the job and your recommendation.

I don’t tell you where to put your links, it’s about writing, I’ll publish an example of product review soon… say tomorrow?

FAQ – Question And Answer Style

Just like lists above, turning your article into a FAQ is another great way to write more. By simply brainstorming about your subject, you normally know what are the main subtopics to develop. For each sub topics you can certainly find a question to ask. Actually, you can write your content as you woul do, then go through it again and find a question for what you’ve said. Often you will see that you haven’t been complete enough and you will want to add more. Do it, but add a question for it too.


Question: How Can I Make Money As An Affiliate?

Answer: Well you must join an affiliate network or an affiliate program that will allow you to promote products through your own affiliate link. When someone click on your link and visit the merchant, you will be recognized as the referrer. And if this person buy, you will make a commission.

By Simply reading this “answer” I already spot several points to develop: what are good affiliate networks, which affiliate programs are best, how to get people find and click on my affiliate link, how much per sale is my commission. That was easy.

You can have a conversational tone when using the Questions and Answers style. So to give you more ideas, try to put yourself into someone who doesn’t have a clue about your topic and guess what questions he or she would ask.

Just Write Everyday

Every day, take a moment to write. Either it s fr your review sites or personal blog, or to submit articles. Just write, and write again. Your brain will get used to this habit. You will develop creativity, you will find your own style, you will want to write more, you will write faster. With all of this you will not only being ble to write great content, but more than you thought possible.

It’s been a while for tis blog to get updated regularly. It’s been approximately a week that I’m posting every day. Except the previous post (about changing your life and the world), all others in the recent days have been well over 1000 words, I’m already over 1350 with this one.

I attribute this to the fact that I simply come to this blog everyday for about a week, and try to write on things I know. Things you know are far more easier to write on since you almost don’t have to think about those. But I also update my other sites. Those that got about 400 to 500 words articles are also now receiving much longer articles, and I really spit out quality (at least I think so ;))

So if you have a website or several websites that need content, just spend some time on those. It may look tedious at first but then it’s a habit. Like everything, practicing is the best way to get good, great or perfect to any activity. For this blog post I only knew that I would include the Top 10 list style. It made me think about reviews because I wrote a top 10 products article today. The other ideas came during the writing.

So start writing, even if it doesn’t make sense it could be your way to practice and see where your brain transports you with your ideas.

and… HAVE FUN!