30 Days Blogging Challenge

Hello world, since it seems I’m blogging a bit these days, maybe I should challenge myself to write at least one blog post per day here on Internet Marketing Trip. I wanted to announce it yesterday, before my article marketing super basics but I forgot to. So the first day is today and the first post to count will be the next one.

Welcome to the 30 Days Blogging Challenge

This is something I already thought about in the past and maybe I even already tried it. Anyway, making a challenge public is supposed to force you to achieve it because you don’t want to fail publicly. If you’re starting online and have a blog, why not do the same? You can tell me about your blog in the comment and we can motivate each others.

If you don’t know what to blog about, you may simply tell your readers what you’ve been doing the previous day and share your progress as you go. If you’re not really into internet marketing and don’t really care about making an online income, you may have to do some keyword research and check what people interested in your topic are looking for.

Why not ask them in your challenge announcement?

What do you want me to write about?

Of course you need some traffic to have people answer your question.

  • Do you have a facebook, twitter account? Then ask your friends to visit your blog and give you ideas.
  • Visit article directories such as eZineArticles and search for your topic it will show you what others are writing about.
  • Visit forums related to your topic (search Google: your keyword forum) and see what people are talking or are asking about. You may even join the forum and engage in conversation. Then tell them you have written that post on your blog to help them.
  • Go to Yahoo! Answers. There are tons of people questionning about any kind of subjects. This will give you ides, you can of course answer those questions and provide the full URL to your blog post.
  • Go to YouTube. Informative videos can be considered as articles, in another format. But still they are giving information to people. Why not write an article from the knowledge you get there.
  • You can blog about other blogs. Maybe you are subscribed to a newsletter and the guy pblished a very interesting post that you know will benefit others. You may also visit a certain blog frequently and want to mention the author that does a great job.

Okay this should be enough to provide you some ideas, I should have titled that pos how to got tons of ideas for your blog posts or articles 😉

So I engage in blogging every day for one month, and on November 22nd I should have 30 more posts added to this blog which currently counts 143 published posts, 144 with this one. So my goal is to show you 174 posts next month. And maybe there would be some unexpected results too.

30 Days Blogging Challenge

An habit becomes a habit when you repeat it enough so it becomes a routine. The average is 21 days, so by doing it every day I may become a blogger…

See you in the first step;)


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