75 Web Traffic Tips From A Super Blogging Girl

I was reading some few posts on DigitalPoint when I saw the signature of a member that linked to an article titled “75 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic“. This is the kind of articles we all like, at least I do. A good list, simple to read. You just take the tips you want or experiment everything.

So as the title suggests, Tay (her name) gives you 75 tips to improve your traffic. A very quick preview here, I won’t steal her content, she developed every points she makes, so visit the link above for a guaranteed good read (sorry, no money back guarantee, it’s free).

1. Write more content“. This is the number 1 of the list and it should be the most important one for every blogger. Yeah, me included, even if I am busy, I should at least spend few minutes every day to add one article. Focus on quality unique content, and frequency.

4. Start using StumbleUpon“. A social bookmarking website that will bring you traffic from other people, who will rate thumbs up or down your pages. If you didn’t read my previous post about free web traffic resources, Dean Hunt, interviewed 14 of the top 30 StumbleUpon users, there is also a case study about buzz marketing that you MUST read.

11. Link to other posts. &17. Establish relationships with fellow bloggers.” That’s what I’m doing right now. I’m blogging about a very helpful article, I will comment on her blog and thank her for her efforts. Tay may be notified of a pingback from this article and may comment here if she wants it.

Just 3 ways here, there are 72 more. Read, digest, take action.

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75 Web Traffic Tips From A Super Blogging Girl — 3 Comments

  1. Wow, thanks for the mention and the link love. It’s also nice to be distinguished as a girl too – usually people think that’s the other way around. Hehe. I’m glad you like the tips and thank you for sharing them with your readers! 🙂

  2. Tay,

    You’re welcome, your article is great and I’ve seen your blog has more good content to read.

    I saw your avatar at DigitalPoint (is that you ?), but I checked your about page too. 😉

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