A Famous Copywriting Tip That Increases Conversion

Yesterday I mentionned how changing a WordPress theme that was completely broken in Internet Explorer killed my commissions, since most of the visitors I got to my website couldn’t see the content properly. That was a design problem. Today I want to mention a copywriting tip that many people who have been for some time doing some sales and marketing already know well, but that many people tend to forget, or simply don’t know if they’re just starting out.

The famous tip is “sell the benefits, not the features“. I have to say that, what inspired this post, is not just the fact that I am currently examining all my most profitable websites to apply this tip, but a reminder that I got from Jeremey Schoemaker (Shoemoney.com), from his post : Selling Results. Read it, it’s very short and you’ll get the point immediately.

So, as I said, many people doing internet marketing know this, like I do, but that was a great reminder. How many websites have you built talking about the features instead of the results ? I know there are some of mine on which I didn’t apply this rule.

So the tip here is to sell the results. The Shoemoney post gives you example. If you are a merchant or an affiliate don’t just say how great a product is, focus on the customer and the benefits he/she gets from using it.

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