I’m Tom, the admin of IMTRIP.com (internet marketing trip) . This blog is about… internet marketing. I hope the things I’ll share here will be useful to people who want to dive into internet marketing.

I’m 25 (at the time I’m writing this), I live in the north of France, I just launched my home business in September 2007, though I already had some previous experience with internet marketing.

I make money online mainly with affiliate mareting, I love that. This of course involves to find a product or service to promote, build a website for it, that means content and design, and then comes the marketing part. This is not the first blog covering the make money online topic but my trip brings me some knowledge and why not give some back ?

I also have a more personal blog, tomleroy.com, there is still some marketing stuff there (it’s my everyday job you know), but I also mix it with funny thing and life stories and well, anything that could come to my mind, like this video my little brother sent me the other day.

Did you laugh or smile at least ? BACK TO WORK !

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