Affiliate Millionaire Is Live – Go!

Affiliate Millionaire by Andrew Fox is live now, and if you’ve been looking for a game changer or a system that reveals all the REAL and EFFECTIVE way to build your list in any niche and market to it as an affiliate.

This is a system he’s been perfected for years and now you’ll get access to it, and here’s why you should have a look to it :

Launches suck : every one use the same methods, launch sequences, medias and this results in poor sales and yeah, less cash in your pocket…

I think it’s not your fault if you’re doing what you are doing, the way you’re doing it. You just follow what everyone has shown you for months or years. We always start from learning and then take action right ? Well we need something better.

So things need to be done differently. And you’re going to be part of it. Andrew Fox did the work for you, studying all his previous promotions and analyzing the results. What worked best stays, what sucks trashed.

Affiliate Millionaire is not a crappy ebook or little set of 5 videos… You’re going to get it at home, in your mail box. Yep, that’s a physical package full of the greatest tactics you can use to promote product launches, and make some lots of cash with these expensive products.

I’ve seen Andrew’s stats… he’s one of the top affiliates for almost all of the big internet marketing products as well as other big launches at ClickBank. Mass Control, Google Cash Detective, Google Nemesis, Delta Squadron… He grabbed 5 figures each time, sometimes even 6 figures!

There’s a concept in business, (could work in other life fields too), that is called Modelling. That’s an easy thing to understand : if you want to get whatever result, just go to someone who already achieve this result and copy him or her.

Well you now have the ability to copy the results Andrew Fox achieves every months. You’re on your way to trust the leaderboards and win some big prizes the top JV partners earn from their many sales.

Do you know the power of email marketing ? A list of subscribers is one of the best asset an internet marketer can own. You type a message, send to your list and make money. That’s about how ALL top affiliates make HUGE money from their promotions. You MUST have a list and do some things right, and Andrew Fox Affiliate Millionaire will show you everything you need to know and do to get there.

Check out Affiliate Millionaire

Here’s what you get with Affiliate Millionaire :

+ Welcome Stick Letter

+ 7 DVDs – Professional videos, powerpoint slides and screen recording.

  • Module 1 – Market Research, the first and necessary step to find BUYERS (Very important, you must ensure you are not wasting your time)
  • Module 2 – List Building. I say it again, a list is one of the best asset you will own. You will actually get the UnderCover List Building course by Ryan Deiss.
  • Module 3 – Correlation Connection, this module tells you how to establish trust in your relationship with your subscribers. This is really how you get a responsive list. If they trust you, then they buy from you.
  • Module 4 – Pre-Launch, an important period before the actual launch.
  • Module 5 – Offering Bonuses, offering bonuses dramatically boost conversions. Learn to give the right bonuses to your list if they buy from you and you’ll get super high commissions. You’ll also get an email swipe to use.
  • Module 6 – The Launch, what to do, when to launch, what timing to use in your sequence. Everything is laid out.
  • Module 7 – Integrated Affiliate Marketing

+ Million Dollar Swipe File
This is actually 14 different email promos that Andrew used to generate upto $140,000 (from only one promo!). This is worth so much, hey just plug that into your autoresponder, edit with your details and you’re set to make money. You’ll get the emails, conversion rates, etc.

+ Printed Covert Assignments
These are actually some homework for each DVD module. You will find these in PDF on each DVD, bt they have been printed for more convenience. So when you complete a module, do your homework too. That’s a great way of learning and actually DO the steps.

+ Squeeze-Page Templates : 10!
+ Pre Launch Templates : 10 !

There are some awesome bonuses that will blow your mind too (think super affiliate stuff on steroids) . And when I say awesome I mean it. Some super stuff you will never get elsewhere, some stuff that will never be sold too.

Please, please, PLEASE watch the video now and grab this limited course.

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