Affiliate Video Reviews For Niche Products – Get Super High Conversions!

Hey guys, I got an email from Chris Rempel yesterday, and the day before about a little launch he’s currently doing for 10 affiliate video reviews you can put on affiliate sites and get insane conversions. Videos convert better, it’s ben proven and that’s why you now see almost all new internet marketing products sales page with videos.

Now I always loved Chris stuff and you can see the quality of these video reviews at this 72 hours offer on Affiliate Armory. Chris was able to get $400 a month with only one website… and that was with just 7 visitors per day!!!

The link above is not an affiliate link, maybe I missed the affiliate area ;), but anyway it may interest you. It’s currently $197 for the 10 videos, or less than $20 per video which will individually sell for $69 soon. So if you think there is a lot of value there you will want to have a look to this.

Also, by setting up this sales page, Chris is also sharing 10 niches that are profitable. So even if you don’t buy you will want to check out those and may do your own videos or niche sites around these products. These are all on ClickBank and health related, this should get you thinking 😉

These videos will be very effective as a page on your website, though of course you can upload them to YouTube I don’t think this is the ideal thing to do. I would use them as a featured product review, something that stands out on my site, top of the fold. You just need to copy and paste a bit of code in a post or page and voilà.

Happy conversions!

Well that’s it for now, it was just a quick post. I thought it may interest some of you and that’s a great deal, so why not share it?

Have a great day!


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