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Hey again, this post is kind of a part 2 of my previous post on autoblogging, and here I have compiled a list of few autoblog plugins. Some are paid, some others are free. There are many more but I think that list gives a nice overview of what you can get for free or a bit more.

I think this one is one of the most popular out there. It grabs content from many sources (articles, videos, Amazon, eBay, ClickBank, CJ, LinkShare,  Yahoo Answers, Twitter, RSS and even more) and publish on autopilot. There are tons of features that makes it incredibly powerful.

You can edit templates so the layout of your posts are customized to your own likes, you can mix different sources in the same post… WPRobot can also rewrite or translate posts giving you even more unique content.

WPRobot uses different modules. There are several packages you can buy,  the full version that comes with everything ($169) and certainly the most recommended one, the content version (for adding various content and medias), the money version with all making money modules.

You can also customize your order and select only the modules you want. And you can also get the devleopper license if you want to sell your websites later. It may be a bit pricy but it’s certainly the most complete autoblog plugin on the market.

Check out WPRobot.

This is another powerful autoblog plugin at just $77. It will also publish RSS, articles, videos, Yahoo Answers. These are less sources than WPRobot but you can still monetize with AdSense and other affiliate offers. Caffeinated Content also use a template system so you can customize your posts.

It can also rewrite and translate posts. This is a great plugin. Check out Caffeinated Content

There are some more, but I won’t list them. The two above are the most recommended and used by pro autobloggers (yes it seems you can be a pro doing nothing). Many other plugins will do the same, more or less but these ones are constantly updated and are stable.

Now you have other options, and I’m talking about FREE autoblog plugins. I’ve not tested them since I think you can do it yourself. I will try few ones on this list though I already own few paid autoblog plugins. But really, when something is free, just try it and see if it’s good enough for you, don’t wait for someone to do all the work for you.

You don’t even need to subscribe to download this. But you should know this plugin removes all links in articles. So if you find it unethical for authors, don’t use it. They say on the download page they will update it with new posting capabilities: YouTube, Yahoo! Answers and re-writing. A training video walk you through the plugin functions on their site.

This one is known by many. It will grab RSS sources and publish content on your blog. I’ve seen it may not be working very well on WordpPress versions above 2.6 but some others also said it does work… So, you’l have to try and see.

Another plugin that posts from RSS feeds. It extracts full text from feeds so you can have full articles posted. You’ll have to check if it works with your version of WordPress. Update : it’s actually a modified version of WP-o-Matic, didn’t work for me, only partial feeds were posted.

I was amazed to discover this one was free. This is a Yahoo! Answers grabber, it will take questions from YA and publish those. Questions become the title, the description becomes the body of the post and answers become comments. Really great. You will have to set up a cron job at your host so it automatically posts new content, they show you how to do it. But you can also run it when you want to have new posts publish on the go. Watch the video that explains how o make it work but it’s really easy.

Update! Found some other autoblogging plugins for you. Test these too.

Okay this one is probably the most complete of the free autoblog plugins I’ve found, remember I didn’t test it but on the paper it sounds really good. The download page mentions a full version but this may only available once you have installed it as I didn’t see a link to the paid version.

Anyway Multipress Content Lite can publish articles from the 3 largest article directories, YouTube Videos, Rss feeds, Flickr and Yahoo! Answers. That sounds pretty good, right?

I may give it a shot myself, I have few domains that I do nothing with so I’ll use these to setup autoblogs and test these free plugins separately. I’ll post an entry then with my results.


I can’t believe I missed this one the first time I pubslished this post. Well here’s the fix. So Unique Article Wizard plugin is the plugin that allows you to receive on your blog, for free content submitted by subscribers of Unique Article Wizard. The system generates unique version from submitted articles and you get yours. There’s actually more version of this plugin for various platforms (Drupal, Article directory scripts, blogspot by email…)

–End of update–

With the two plugins I mentioned in my previous post to optimize duplicate content, these free plugins may get really better than free.

Okay that’s it for now I hope you’ll do good use of these autoblog plugins and start profiting a little bit of autoblogging. Don’t be lazy, these will do much of the work for you, but few backlinks here and there will be worth the extra effort. If you can get some search engine traffic, then your AdSense clicks should be paying higher too.

You can of course monetize your traffic with anything you want providing you don’t break any rule.

Hope you’ve enjoyed that post. I’ll see you tomorrow.


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