Build My Rank Temproarily Closed To New Members

Hey all, I got an email yesterday from BMR saying they are now closing new registrations. This is temporary, and during tis closed doors time they are going to proceed to few improvements. Here’s what they say:

While we are closed we will be 1) rapidly expanding our network footprint 2) upgrading server hardware to support our next growth phrase and 3) updating our code base to meet higher volume demands.

I guess this is a great thingif we consider we want quality backlinks from a quality network and it’s even better when new members will have access to it. I don’t know if prices are going to increase, and I didn’t have any notification that. So I hope it will not. They also didn’t say when they plan to reopen, even approximately.

So, if you planned on joining a blog network, you may wonder what should it be. Well, in my last post I mentioned SEO Link Monster, and how it compared in terms of features with BMR. Since I am not a member I couldn’t speak about personal results. But when they opened of course they already got great reviews, and from their features it “would” have been a good option. It doesn’t seem that great now.

Yesterday I read some more recent reviews on the Warrior Forum about it and there’s some disappointment: customer support seems to not be replying to questions, it’s overpriced, no improvement, not that high quality blogs, no PR blogs. Again, I am not a member but you can make your own opinion in reading the reviews yourself.

Some are saying they are still in launch period and need more time, but I have to admit it sounds like an excuse. If people are paying for a service and you’re not delivering on your claims then don’t claim it. Hope it will improve for current members.

So the real question now is what network to join if the best one is closed (even temporarily) and another promising one is not as good as it was supposed to. Well, I want to be honest and thus I won’t give any recommendation, just like SEOLM, I’m only a member of BuildMyRank. You can not just know what works based on claims.

Another SEO alternative I’ve heard that seems to get great results and is one of the most automated stuff you can use in LinxBoss. It starts at $147 a month too and though not a blog network, it can get you great rankings. It’s a place where you can outsource all your link building. Their platforms allow you to purchase services from several providers on the web, they also now pblish the guaranteed links you get for each and the price per link too.

That’s the kind of transparency you may like too. They have a free trial too so at least you can see how it works and the tons of features you get.

Okay, I’m preparing some other posts about SEO, conversions, and finally the new theme for this blog. There should be case study and tips that are worth your time.

Until next post, have a great time and give your best to whatever you want to do, that will get you results. Never give up.

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