Building Mini Websites, When You Have Nothing To Do

Okay, so I studied a lot, read a lot, and what I knew is still true : you have to work hard. Working hard is creating content for me, and for you too I guess. This is the hard part. From the DigitalPoint forums, I came to a website : Self Made Minds. Two guys are behind this website, they are sharing their experience and telling how they’re doing and also reporting their earnings (this is the fun part).

I really recommend you read their blog, it’s cool and simple explained and also full of ideas.

They of course built several websites, one of them is Coolest Gadgets, and it earns more than 10,000 a month, mainly about adsense. Again AdSense is for CONTENT websites. But, I also read a post on their site telling about “minisites” making maximum money, and showing us a minisite example.

Here is the post : Mini Sites don’t always make mini money.  All you need is a good idea, work on it, buy a domain and host your files, make some SEO.

Your goal first would be to make $1 a day for this one website. Then, how many websites can you create ? What if all your websites earn now $2 a day… Okay you understand. And don’t forget that with time you may have more ideas to add to each of your minisites.

Now, you have to do some brainstorming. I took a pen and paper and wrote down every topic I was sure I can write about. I have more than 50, and I’m sure you can easily do it too, even more. Then start writing. This is not so hard to write content for these websites, this could be the same process if you had to write articles and submit them to articles directories, to increase your backlinks for your main websites.

If you need ideas, visit forums, blogs, read articles about a topic and rewrite everything you think useful with your own words. You may also want to add links. What are the best websites for these topics ? Just use Google and find what are the top sites.

Even if building new minisites will not consume so much time, you also have to keep working on your main websites. So build your network of mini websites and make them profitable, but keep adding content to your bigger money makers.

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