Can You Make An Income From Duplicate Content?

Yesterday I blogged about article marketing and duplicate content. So we viewed that you can market your website with articles and have the same content on your website. If the articles link to your website then it shows search engines your website is the original version and they should favor your version in the results.

But can you use others content and build a website that can make you money. The short answer is yes. People who make autoblogs usually use and exclusively use duplicate content. Plugins grab content from different sources and publish these on your blog. This can be articles of course, as well as YouTube videos, Yahoo! Answers, Amazon products, eBay listings…

All this content is of course duplicate content. If you manage to get traffic to your website you can make money. And if you can’t afford autoblogging plugins (I’ll post about some later), you can publish articles yourself, manually. For articles, republishing suppose that you keep the articles intact, keeping all the text and links.

You can then promote your duplicate content sites normally as you would for your own unique content. If you build good quality backlinks to your website,

You can own a mini article directory in a specific niche. If you think about it, article marketers submit their articles to multiple article directories, so there are duplicate content already out there. Your website is justĀ  hosting this content at another place. Of course, your job would be to make your website the authority for this content so it receives traffic.

Now, you can already know what content is already ranking. If you can see an eZineArticles article ranking on the first page of Google for a keyword, you could tryto outrank it. Just check the number of backlinks. Use SEOQuake (a firefox plugin) to know how many backlinks are pointing to the EzineArticles, and maybe you can republish it with more backlinks on your website.

It would be interesting to make a case study. But basically, you know that search engines serve the most relevant results for a given search. Then it determines which has enough authority to rank. If that content ranks well elsewhere, it should rank well on your site, so build backlinks.

Your monetization methods:

  • AdSense (can pay good money if you target high paying keywords, take some with at least a $0.50 cpc)
  • Other contextual ad networks
  • Amazon
  • Affiliate programs
  • CPA offers

…actually, any kind of monetization that you would use for your own site.

I’ll have to expand on this further, with a case study as I said, and talking about autoblogging plugins too. Also, on ranking with duplicate content, you may also download the free SEOn Trial report which will show you a website could rank with no content.

See ya soon!

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