Chris Rempel – Vip Confessions Reports by A Lazy Marketer

Yesterday, in my “Finally Back Home” post, I mentionned that in my email box there was some very nice stuff, after I delete all the spam and newsletters that all sell the same things.

It was from Chris Rempel, the author of Confessions of a Lazy Super Affiliate, a very good ebook. I may write a review of it, I bought this few months ago. Anyway, Chris creates some special “VIP” marketing material that he promotes to his buyers list. I have to admit I truely like a lot all of his reports, and already own the “Conduit Method” and “Reverse Niche Selection“.

VIP Essentials by Chris RempelChris always prices his products very cheap and they are of a very high quality and value. This time, back from my vacations, I had the pleasure to see he released “VIP Essentials“. It’s a package including :

  • Website templates (html, XSitePro, and WordPress theme)
  • Step by step traffic blueprints (free and paid methods)
  • Outsourcing templates (sample job offers, project descriptions…)

This actually has been designed to help you build an empire of websites that use the Conduit Method. So what is the Conduit Method ? It’s, in Chris words, the simplest method to make money with affiliate marketing, and it truely is. More than simple, it’s even stupid.

The Conduit Method was the first VIP report Chris Rempel wrote, and it is brainless. I told you I liked all of his stuff, I own everything, it’s so cheap that you shouldn’t miss it, and above all it’s made for lazy people ;). You need to create minisites to promote products (well it sounds like normal affiliate marketing), but you just don’t have to think. Don’t think about the content, don’t think about pre-selling, don’t think about SEO, you don’t even have to know well the products you promote to sell them. I can’t reveal everything, but you will be able to create hundreds of pages if your only skills are reading and writing.

Now with the VIP Essentials, it’s even get better and faster. You get the high-converting templates Chris uses to create his “Conduit websites”. Just systematically add content to these, without much research. With the traffic generation blueprints, and the outsourcing reports you can be a Super Affiliate too. You don’t have to outsource any task if you don’t want to. But when you can afford it (it’s cheap really), the jobs involved being so simple, you will be able to relax and have the “work” done for you. Just check your stats to see sales coming.

Well I’m not urging you to check this stuff. Well actually I am, because it’s really good. I told you Chris makes his marketing stuff cheap :

Even if you bought everything it would cosst you less than $100. And what makes this so good is that you can also immediately use this material, and profit from it. His reports are short, but very powerful.

Frankly, you should have a look at least to VIP Essentials, his last product and you will see what I mean. With it, you will want to create many websites. There are so many niches you can profit from, because you have no real work to do. And if you’re smart you can target products or services with high commissions, it works too. Highly Recommended Products. 5 stars !

Highly Recommended !

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Chris Rempel – Vip Confessions Reports by A Lazy Marketer — 7 Comments

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  3. Thanks Graham,

    You’re totally right, there’s low or even no risk involved since many techniques revealed don’t require any investment.

  4. Chris Rempel’s material is the best that any aspiring Internet Marketer could want to get hold of. Just solid, pithy information, without the hype, that you can begin banking on immediately.

    If you’re serious about getting started with I.M., then you cannot go wrong listening to and following the advice of one of the hottest marketers in the game! And that ain’t no bull.

  5. You’re right, I say it is good, but this is because I purchase it, actually if you grab one VIP report you will get an offer to get all the other VIP products for one low price, even the future products that will be released (at least that was the case at the time I bought Reverse Niche Selection).
    As for how much I make, in the last 30 days one website generated $3700 in sales (using VIP Essentials/Conduit Method).
    I visited your website, among all the resources you list, what are your favorite and how much money do you make from those ?

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