Create Perfect AdSense Palettes – Find The Right Color Fast

It’s a very strange title, actually I would have found something better but I just can’t at this time of the day. So anyway, let’s make it more clear, this article exists to let you know about a little software that allow you to identify any color on your screen. This is Instant Eyedropper. What ? you already know this one ? Well, lucky you, I didn’t until today.

Why is it interesting ? Well, you may have seen some graphics that you like, maybe for a website that you will build, or for a WordPress theme, but you would have to download them and then use PhotoShop or another image editing software to identify the very specific color code at a very specific place on the graphic you see.

Well, I know this is a bit confused, so if you don’t know about this soft, visit Instant Eyedropper website, the tutorial explains it all, with pictures. Click and hold the left button from the taskbar icon and drag the mouse on your screen to get any color code. Best of all this very light software is free.

You want to know how I had to use it ? No ? Hey I write what I want ! It may save you a precious time and keep your eyes healthy (I said I write what I want).

Today, I wanted to add some AdSense to a new website I just created. As many of you know, it is a good thing to blend your ads colors with your theme colors (background, links, text). If you coded your theme you may remember the colors you used for your theme. But if like me, you just downloaded the theme then you would have to explore the CSS file to know the exact background color code, the exact link color code, etc.

Some CSS files are confusing and you often see more than 3 color codes in the CSS code. After several trials, it seems I didn’t identify the color code for the background so, I open a new tab and use a very useful website : Google. I found Instant Eyedropper and in few seconds I manage to identify all the color codes I needed to create the perfect pallette and┬áhave my ads blend.

So that’s it people, I hope I helped someone, I surely helped myself.

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