Daily Goals – Do You Know What To Do Today?

When you have multiple things to do in the day, you may get confused, and setting daily goals can really help you know what to do. I say KNOWING what to do because with time, with multiple niche sites you have many tasks to accomplish, and it’s important to set some priorities.

You certainly have heard that you should start with the most important thing first, or the one that ask you the most effort. Only you can know that.

You may also have repetitive tasks that you may have to do every day. For example if you have created new sites this can be writing content, sumitting articles, building backlinks, etc.

Today, my goals were to

  • write 3 articles for one of my website,
  • social bookmarking for 3 blog posts (3 different blogs),
  • outsource something (I chose content again, 6 articles for article marketing purpose).

These were the things I needed and wanted to do TODAY. And I did.

You should do it again because you may really don’t know where to start. You spend few minutes to figure what tasks should be done and start analysing potential results instead of actually taking action and then track results once you have something done.

Hesitation leads to procrastination, some stuff will even look harder than they really are, because of your looooooong analysis. When you have goals set for your day (which should be steps towards bigger goals), you can go through these and move on. Once your main goals for the day are accomplished, you may set some more goals, always ask yourself if this is part of your plan.

Also make your goals SMART, though for little daily goals like this I mostly focus on time. For example I know these goals have to be done in the day, but I can actually do these much faster.

So an article can be searched and written in 30 minutes MAX. For social bookmarking I use a software so this is actually quite fast. For outsourcing 6 articles, I decided to search keywords (volume, competition) to be included and give to writers, and set time for this to 30 minutes, then submitting instructions.

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