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I think I already mentioned it, but in case you missed this, you can get a completely free CPA Marketing ebook, written by Gauher Chaudhry, creator of Pay Per Click Formula.

It will certainly be useful if you want to dive into PPC and promote some CPA offers, if you are already doing it this is not a bad thing to read to, it is a great report that could certainly have been sold. This is 89 pages long, full of rock solid content.

Gauher first introduce CPA Marketing, CPA offers, CPA Networks… And you learn right from the start that you can earn from $0.25 for some email submit to $140 for longer forms. Wow, I know you have to know what to do when you pay for traffic like Google AdWords, but this only line tells you there is great money to be made if you take the time to learn the basics. I guess that if you plan well ahead your campaign and limit your budget you can be profitable quite fast.

Gauher also mentions the tools he uses, free or paid ones, and talks about landing pages. It’s extremely important that your landing page are optimized for Mister Google so your Quality Score allows you lower bid and higher position. But also Landing pages have one main goal : CONVERSION. Converting your traffic into an action, like filling a form, and this action brings you money. I know I’m not giving details, but this is how it is, and I’m not going to detail an eBook that you can get for free and then know everything yourself, right ?

Also, if promoting CPA is generally done with Pay Per Click advertising, Gauher gives here more paid traffic sources but also many FREE traffic sources. Hmmm, it should be then even easier to get profitable !

Anyway, did I mention the report is free ? Okay, then get the Insider’s Guide To CPA Marketing Profits now, you will learn (and hopefully earn) a lot with it. There are many other things like ad copy, testing and scaling up campaigns that are discussed inside.

Free CPA MArketing Report

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Free CPA Marketing Report — 3 Comments

  1. I’m thinking about hopping on the CPA bandwagon more and more these days. It will be interesting, however, to see how it begins to change now that it’s the hottest thing going, you know?

  2. Do you mean competition may get tougher ? I guess that is possible, but also there may be a greater variety in offers. The products or services that pay us on a percentage of sale may try to go the CPA way too. That would be interesting for some niche products owners to propose affiliates a commission based on the CPA model.

  3. Gauher Chaudhry and Ryan Deiss are two marketers I adore. They do walk the walk and bring “insider” information everytime they launch a new product.

    If you’re doing CPA .. you must be in the Gauher’s forum. It’s jem packed. I don’t know if it’s still open though ..

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