Gunshot Money Free Report – Mark Dulisse Reveals A 5 Figure A Month Formula

Every heard of Mark Dulisse ? This is one of the nice guy that provides some great value. He has a free report you can grab on his Gunshot Money website.

This is for affiliates, but this is for the big bucks. There are tw principles that I want to share with you today that are directly related to this stuff :

1. It takes the same time and effort to promote a cheap product than to promote an expensive one.

2. Focus on what brings you the highest results (cash).

For the point number 1, this is really true. If you’re marketing a product, no matter what is the price of it, you can employ the same method. And the people who want the product will buy. So you just need to target the right audience (hint : when you have the product name as a keyword you already attract a targeted audience)

For the point number two, this has to do with your mindset as an entrepreneur, not just affiliate marketing. Because in this case we are talking about affiliate marketing, you need to intentify what brings you the most results in your business. So, yes, that could be a marketing technique. If you’re great at article marketing, focus on that, it brings results, period, outsource other tasks.

Now if the tasks you focus on are the ones that bring you results the most, why selling only $47 ebooks while you could do it with a $2,000 one ?

Okay I hope I scored some point and had you thinking. But I recommend you grab the Gunshot Money report, which is free by the way and includes some free techniques to get to 5 figures a month online.

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