Gunshot Money – Mark Dulisse Product Launches Marketing

Hey, Have you seen my last post about Gunshot Money ? Have you downloaded the free report ? (It’s here). This new post is just a new reminder about this program.

I titled this post Gunshot Money Mark Dulisse Product Launches Marketing, because this is what this course will be about : marketing product launches.

And I really recommend you at least get the free report, Gunshot Money launches tomorrow so I don’t know if it will be still offered or not. There are stuff you will certainly not have to do such as signing up to some big marketers list. However the last part tells you how to get your site indexed very fast with a super, and I mean ultra easy step. Basically, you copy and paste a list, replace some words and publish the list on a free blogger blog.

It even gives you about 20 backlinks, for free, and you will not even have to create an account somewhere. A cool and sweet tactic that will literally take you 2 minutes, and that you can use it everytime you create a new blog or site.

Grab the free report.

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