Gunshot Money – Super Affiliate Product Launch Blueprint

Gunshot Money is live, so… grab it before the price increases or before it’s taken down. (Click here)

If you’ve seen what it includes , wow you now know there is a hell lot of money to be made in the make money online niche. Actually it’s not new, but at this price I’m not sure if there was such a deep product launch blueprint for affiliates.

You can become a Gunshot Money Super Affiliate, there’s no doubt about this, and I want to share you one tip, one reason why you should get it. (Apart from making you tons of cash). Here it is :

Most people don’t take action (that’s a very good reaon). What does that mean ? That means that most of the people who will get this information and the knowledge will not apply it. That’s the way it is and if I’m correct, about 80% of books bought are never read. Online, most internet marketers failed, falling for get rich quick plans, or being to lazy to actually implement something, giving up too early.

Well here’s why it’s different. You can actually get rich quick, or at least make some really good money promoting product launches. Reasons :

  1. Competition always depend on people who take action (if most decide to be lazy and not follow the steps, that’s more room for you)
  2. You only need few sales to get a great income (20 sales for a $500 commission and you just got $10,000)
  3. From there, you can scale (outsource, buy some automation tools, etc.), work much much less, and earn much much more.

If you have a system that WORKS in place then please, please, please USE IT, over and over again. If you duplicate a formula that gets you money you’re going to make moe money, and it’s going to be easier and easier each time. And you will even have less work if you can give your system to someone else who can work for you.

So now, go to Gunshot Money, read the sales page, just the Modules section, you know most sales letters are hype and this one gets a bit too. If this sounds good for you why not give it a try ?

Some truly good points : you don’t need a list, experience or JVs, product… It’s still affiliate marketing so no customer care, no inventory, no hassles. And yes, making 5 figures a month, constantly is achievable.

Again, once you have a blueprint like this you need to use it. Don’t go buy another course or tool next month, except if it compliments your system, follows your plan and helps you scale your business.

Here’s the Triple G : Go Get Gunshot Money (that’s all I came up with…)

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Gunshot Money – Super Affiliate Product Launch Blueprint — 2 Comments

  1. Thanks for the comment on the SEO to do list, yes there’s alot to do, but outsourcing is great! BTW great site you’ve put together here

  2. This is a great list you have, and indeed outsourcing is great too, necessary when it comes to scale your business and focus on something else.

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