Have You Started On Your Christmas Plan?

Well, I gave you a little plan or ideas to make money for Christmas, and earlier a list of buyer keywords. So because content is part of the plan, you will want of course to target buyer keywords, and add either your content on your website or for article marketing.

So if you were hesitating on how to get started, simply take your main and secondary keywords and add the modifiers to make these buyer keywords. Then check the competition but don’t get discouraged if this looks tough. If you market at the right places you can still get traffic there.

Now even with no offers to promote, buyer keywords are generally great for AdSense. Advertisers target buyer keywords, and those get some nice amount per click due to their competitiveness. So people looking to may be inclined to click on ads if these are actually showing what they’re looking for and if you don’t have other links.

So start with your keywords. That’s what I’ve done, I compiled a list of 10 buyer keywords around my main keyword for one of my niche website. These will be outsourced, I’ll submit them to top article directories and create few web 2.0 pages that will link to my money site.

I’ll repeat this for as much websites as I can, and may create new ones too. When time is short outsourcing is really a great help and can push your business beyond your expectations.

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