How She Makes $10,000 In ClickBank Sales

In my internet marketing trip, I use to visit a lot of places : blogs, websites, forums and get some useful things. Yeah I know there are always some bullshit a bit everywhere and I guess reading the title of this post may have some of you look away. Okay, there is another bad news : there is an ebook behind this post.

Is there anybody still reading ?

Well you took a nice decision to stay here since the ebook I want you to check is completely free. Yep, FREE, (if you want to send me some cash, no problem). Please allow me to introduce Amy Cheung, who creates a little buzz from a forum post entitled “How I Do Over 10K in Clickbank Sales Every Month“. It was first on the Warrior Forum but I read that from Digital Point, 2 months ago I think.

Amy decided to write an ebook, detailing her process to make ClickBank sales, using AdWords. Today, I checked one of my inbox and got an email from her, the eBook is ready ! She had her own PPC strategy and had to face some AdWords accounts getting banned by Google, but it seems she’s still doing very well, finding some new ways to have profitable campaigns.

Since the ebook is free you should really get it now, it’s a real great resource, easy to follow. You’ll learn how to create and manage your compaigns properly, how to do landing pages, use subdomains and some more. The ebook even doesn’t come alone, you’ll get examples of her campaigns, adgroups and keywords…

Just visit Amy’s blog and sign up to get the free ebook. She also added a forum to her website so you can go discuss there and share your thoughts too.

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