How To Improve This Blog?

Hey all, I just finished writing the post on long articles, and it got me thinking about the way my blog looks. At this time it’s kinda clean. I mean, I don’t have ads flashy everywhere, I just have my content and sidebar… And that’s kind of boring or maybe not that attractive. I have focused my attention on making the blog a little better on writing what I think is good quality content, but does my look good quality?

Not sure, at least I could change the theme that I’m using now for… huh, I can’t remember how long. So, on the todo list: Change WordPress Theme.

Along with theme, I think about graphics, images, I should add some to my posts to make them a little sexier. Not that it will be filled with hot girls images, but it will just look a little better. And images with alt tags and your keywords adds up to your on site SEO and thus help getting more traffic. That’s not much effort. So, second item on the todo list.

Then, I thought about readers engagement, and social activity. At the end of each post there is of course the little icons from the Sociable plugin but it could be more present. I guess a Follow me on Twitter, or link to my Facebook page will do better. Oh yeah but… I need a Facebook account for this then.

It will require me some time to make a great Facebook page but not that much if I follow some easy tutorials on YouTube (yes this tip was also for you who earch for any tutorial: search Youtube first).

This is certainly good to have people who keep coming back to this blog and comment and share thoughts. Plus social medias are so huge now it can not be overlooked and even plays a role in SEO.

For now that’s my list:

  • Change Theme
  • Add pictures to posts
  • Get more social

Have any suggestions? Shoot your comments.

That was a short post but mentioned in the beginning of the post, I added a post about writing articles, and it was over 1500 words I think so I’m done for today here 😉

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