IMEye – Have You Seen This !?

Hi everyone, it’s been quite some time since I wrote here. A lot of stuff is happening in my personal life, I moved to another area and it involves a lot of stuff, one being not being able to work exactly how you want. Anyway, things are getting back to normal and I’ve got few emails about IMEye by Steve Clayton and Tim Godfrey.

So no, I didn’t buy it but I still recommend it. If you have a system in place already that is well working for you then this might improve a lot of things, or you may find things are great like they are now. If you don’t know at all where to start and need ONE service that can centralize all your research work (niches, products…) then IMEye seems to be the Ultimate research software out there.

I’ve already purchased stuff from them (Niche BluePrint, Commission Blueprint) and these are great courses. IMEye doesn’t look crappy. If you haven’t checked the video, do it now and you will see what it can do for you. Here’s the link : IMEye demo.

What makes it extremely valuable is the speed at which it will give you profitable markets, niches and keywords. Everything is stored in a huge database, then you only filter columns : minimum and maximum competition, cost per click, searches per months, is the exact match domain for the keyword for sale, and much more stuff.

A tool you can use everyday for AdSense sites, affiliate sites or e-commerce sites. Or use it just one to get thousands profitable markets and then outsource projects of website creation. Well just check the video, it is maybe the best research tool you can find today, at least I can say this one tool can replace all the others in its category.

Check IMEye

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