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I’m a bit tired, I woke up late, well I got to bed late too. Yesterday Information Marketing Mastery‘s webinar started at 2:30am (for me) and ended a big hour later. But that was good training ! Brian McElroy is skilled to teach you with simple words. If few things were not new to me, I got something from it. I like to say that the simplest ideas or things are often the best and Brian likes to show a simple path to do things.

So, the webinar was called “The Missing Link – How To Give Away Free Stuff” and started with something like this :
Giving away free stuff is hard, BUT SELLING STUFF IS HARDER !

This sounds obvious, people don’t have to take their credit card to join your list, they just need to give their name and email address.

Here are the 4 methods he explained :

Method 1 – Simply giving it away
That’s how some top bloggers do, they simply give away tons of their best info or knowledge for free.
You can also do it with viral media (such as video…).

My thoughts : you are not going to get paid, at least at first, but you’re building reputation, credibility and trust. And if you then have an opt in form, people will gladly join it as your newsletter may even be better than what you giveaway for free.

Method 2 : Pre-launch content
He described it as a “fairly advanced method”. But basically, you will still build your list for free. People love free training. Then you can monetize your list by offering your products or recommending others stuff.

My thoughts : I LOVE PRE LAUNCH CONTENT. I already said it several times, but product launches often comes with free training. That’s Brian favorite method, that’s mine too. I don’t mind joining a list if someone can teach me new things that I can implement right away. If his stuff is good, maybe I’ll buy something sometimes.

Method 3: Squeeze Page + one time offer
That’s about how you get paid to build your list. Brian said it is much easier to have people give away your stuff. Indeed, you don’t are building your list, so you can approach list owners, and ask them to promote your offer. You actually have a squeeze page, that then redirects to a One time offer that give them a 100% commission on your product.

If you have a small list then, you contact small list owners, and as your list grow you’ll be able to do some JV with big players.

My thoughts : people who take your one time offer are buyers.

Method 4 : Risk-free trial
In Brian’s words : you can “build a HUGE business fast”. You may only ask a small fee for shipping cost. The trial is free for few weeks or a month and then people enter in a continuity program.

My thoughts : You certainly have seen this before, and that’s how CPA works. CPA offer are not necessarily for info products, but many of these are free trials. Example : supplements, they may cost almost nothing to produce, so shipping cost may even cover the cost of a bottle, but then the conitnuity program may charge you $40 to $100 a month. As an information publisher you can have a membership site, or paid newsletter.

Brian finished with the “Best content to give away”. This content is something that :
– Sets you apart (unique)
– Generates buzz
– Solves a problem
– Creates desire for your solution

Okay that’s it there were few more details but you have almost everything here. The free training is still available as I’m writing this, get it here.

The Information Marketing Mastery sales page is actually a 4 minutes only video, you will see everything included (or read my post “inside the program“).

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