Internet Connexion Back Up! Work’s Back To Normal

Woohoo, well it’s not like I became a millionaire but anyway, my internet connexion is back up and everything’s running great. I called the customer support Saturday and considering they don’t work on Sunday, having everything fixed on Monday is quite fast, though it still sucks to not having services up during a week end!

Well it was not the fault of the provider, a bad wiring inside. Which means I have to pay for the repair. Ouch, 122.49 euros. Damn Christmas in advance, what a gift.

What’s next? Well back to normal work and enjoying submission of articles from home and some article writing projects. What are you doing right now? Yeah it’s not twitter here but if you want to say what you’re currently doing (except reading this post), the comment section is there.

Have you noticed all 3 previous paragraphs start with a “W”? Subliminal messages I tell you…


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