Jason Moffatt At Mass Control – Entire Presentation

Hey everyone, I just want to share with you (well only the one who don’t already know about it) the free presentation that Jason Moffatt did at the Mass Control even in San Diego. You can watch this 50 min presentation for free here.

You will need first to enter your name and email address to instantly see the entire presentation. I’ve received emails from people’s newsletter I subscribed to. I don’t remember (maybe Frank Kern) who sent me the link but I checked it and it’s very good.

Many times when I have to see a long video by internet marketers I don’t watch it. It’s often too long before you they really deliver their real message, and you often need to buy sometyhing before you get something really good. Hopefully there are few guys that have something great to say, without too much crap.

So back to the crazy presentation Jason Moffatt did at Frank Kern’s Mass Control event in San Diego. I don’t know if this is the mexican outfit or when he asks people to join him on stage to drink beers, eat nachos or wear viking helmets that made me think I should watch it in full but I did. And you should too, he reveals some cool tricks that you can implement right now, either being an affiliate or having your own product.

You may only need your webcam to get started, just a YouTube account to upload your creations. Video marketing is a great way to get traffic for free, I started to try this myself. I can say I don’t like the sound of my voice in the first and only video I made for now but this is not really important. There are crappy videos that get views and generate traffic. What’s important is to get people to go visit your website and make some sales.

There are many people who are making tons of videos and get thousands or millions of views but they’re not into internet marketing or online selling. They don’t even have a website, Jason Moffatt talks about that. If these people had one link in their YouTube description box they could certainly profit from it.

The concept he wants you to know is that you don’t have to “sell” in your videos to make sales… Just watch Jason Moffatt’s presentation and you’ll know what I mean.

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