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I just finished reading the How to Develop Money-Making Niche Sites with WordPress guide by Caroline Middlebrook and it is a good read.

There are many things you may already know about WordPress, and the first thing is this is a blogging platform. In this completely free guide (she even doesn’t ask your email adress), you learn how to develop niche websites, not niche blogs.

Caroline takes you through the whole process of installation of your blog and tells you how to structure your blog to make it a website. Of course, it is a useful guide, since it is a little about website monetization too :). She also shares some resources for you to help improve your site. Resources like plugins, tools, and an AdSense theme.

If you are a beginner and want to launch your first website, this is a simple guide you must check. It will work too if you want to use WordPress as a blog, since the installation process is the same. The concept is “how to turn a blog into a website”.

I have to admit this is an idea I had for few websites, but still didn’t do it. I have a new niche idea to launch, the content is already written, but I’m not sure I can write on a regular basis on the topic. So launching a niche website will be my choice, and hopefully, it will be a money making website.

Plus, WordPress is so convenient to manage content, change design that I don’t want spend some time to build and code a website myself.

So, right, I knew how to use WordPress to make it look like a website, and if you are using WordPress for some time now, you may see how to do it too. But it’s always good to have a guide to rely on.

Caroline updates her guide regularly so don’t forget to check for updates. Give her your feedback and suggestions, sure she will appreciate.

Last words (repetition) : it’s free.

Visit Caroline Middlebrook’s blog, there are some nice articles too.

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