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Hey everyone, hope everything’s fine for everyone, I’ll have few reviews for you, and certainly case study to reveal. Well, the first one will be about This is the outsourcing site, like oDesk, for hiring workers from the Philippines by John Jonas, creator of

For those who don’t know Replace Myself is a program that teaches you how to outsource your business so you can live the 4 Hour Work Week (or a bit more hours), it includes training modules for your workers, and is a monthly subscription service. If you’re a member, you get free access to to which is $49 per month, $105 quarterly, or $299 yearly.

Now that’s it for the introduction. I chose the monthly subscription, as I just needed writers, once you are a member, you can post job offers or contact workers directly. So this post is kind of a review. Review and Story

I’m disappointed. Really. It’s not just the fact you have to pay, but their system needs serious improvement. I got a refund. You need to look at their terms and conditions, and a good reason to get a refund. I had one. And here’s the story.

I needed writers for Build My Rank (BMR), so I thought I could contact few workers firectly who were experienced with BMR. I did, and got no answer.

So I posted a job offer for it, and it seemed to work really well. I think I had 9 applicants. They contact you directly through email, so it seems there is no way to send a message through the site interface. That doesn’t make a big difference, but if you like the message system to manage all your workers communications then you can’t.

All applicants seem motivated. I asked for perfect English, as BMR will reject any pporly written content. Now let’s be honest, Filipino workers are affordable contrary to other countries, I offered a salary based on what other writers and BMR experts were desiring as a salary. In their profile there is a “desired salary”. At the time, most writers wanted 12,000 PHP, which is about $275-$280, for a full-time job of 40 hours per week. And some are even desiring less.

So of course this site has been marketed and recommended to find great workers for cheap, because the life is much cheaper there. We all understand that. And so paying for a subscription would still be okay.

So in my job offer, the salary was stated, with all the terms and conditions and everything. Well all applicants really had great English, I’d say even better than mine and they really looked professional at the time of contacting me. I hired two writers for BMR, and offered another writing job to a third person.

All persons have understand the job. All were hired for a full time job of 40 hours per week. EACH TIME I contacted them asking if they really understand the job and everything. Yes, yes, yes. Very enthusiastic persons, one BMR writer was already experienced so no need to train, he knew about approval rate and all.

The second writer didn’t know how to submit posts to BMR. I sent a video, and still it seems she had issues. I contacted the BMR support, that replied in 1h30 to me and to her. Still had issues, I resolved those. Then trained her and showed her the basics. That was Sunday, she got trained and now has a new skill.

The other worker would have product reviews, but unfortunately the family’s house was destroyed by fire and she would have to pay for interner shop costs. So that would be great if I paid upfront… Well, NO. I explained I already paid upfront in the past and got burnt by crappy workers who just disappear.

Monday, first day of work. Philippines is 7 hours ahead of France, so when I woke up, their work day should alreay well started. I log into BMR to see how many posts have been posted… NONE.

That’s right, nothing, no work provided. No email to communicate about a potential issue, nothing. So, I emailed the 2 BMR writer. One answered me the same day, saying that she got offered another BMR writer job, with a lesser work load and a heavier salary… Hmm why the hell apply to that job? Oh and now she’s trained for BMR which she didn’t know previously… Kinda dishonnest, I’ve been really friendly with her, spending time with her and telling her there would be no pressure, that was a trial work week and she didn’t like it there was another writing job available anyway.

The other guy, the experienced one, answered the next day. Excuses… Even in the job offer I said I needed reliable and dedicated workers who will not make excuses for not providing the work. Well from his reply, let’s quote “several issues related to my family which I will not disclose further but will if you ask me to” and “my laptop got severely damaged and would require me a substantial amount of time for me to get a new one.”

You would not imagine how many people can’t provide work because their computer just broke. Even one of the last applicant for the job told me that he just got it back from repair and hoped he wasn’t too late.

And finally, the third person, which I gave product reviews to write, simply didn’t do anything.

So, that was a really bad experience. I was using oDesk at the same time and it provides you much more control and visibility. should invest in a system that offers more transparency.

Quite frankly, at $49 a month, you would expect that there is more for you, the one who pays for a service. Actually, you just pay for getting contact information, and get contacted from your job offer.

Their system is not the nicest, but this would be fine if the workers still passed some test, could get rated by employers. On their profile, they rate their skills themselves.

So I quit just after 1 job offer. I could have dedicated it more time, but time is important, that’s why I outsource. I don’t get more visibility or a way to know if a worker is great for a job. I could have contacted other applicants and offer the vacant poistions, but no.

I’m not saying all the workers there are bad, I’m absolutely sure there are some awesome workers who will communicate with you and not wait that YOU contact them to know what happens. People who provide great work that you can rely on.

But I was terribly disappointed, and I really don’t see the point of paying $49 if there is no better service. Oh yeah, you can get a worker recruited for you… for $800! That would be 2 workers full time for a month… so no thank you. Way overpriced.

Do I recommend

If you don’t mind going through interviews, maybe training without any guarantee of work, then why not. But that means you ned TIME! We outsource so we can get back free time, and the fact isĀ  I’m really happy to talk with my workers and teach them stuff if it benefits my business and them too. If they get more skilled, they will work better, smarter, faster.

But I wasted time with 3 persons. I may be super unlucky to have hired 3 out of 3 persons who didn’t provide any work. Still, if there was some kind of skill control or past work feedback (you can add a review but you don’t have the visibility oDesk offers), then it could be worth it. Actually it would be worth it if you got job done, that what’s count in the end.

For now, you can just go to oDesk and pay their 10% fee for each project, decide your own rate, see the work done with screenshots with their tracking system (if you pay hourly), offer different price (and workers can propose different rates when they apply too). With hourly work, the time gets logged in and workers have a payment guarantee. It’s much more transparent.

So that’s it. If you have time to dedicate to finding workers, then you may try them. It’s still a great database of workers with affordable rates. But it’s not for me. The support was great, and understood well the issue and accepted the refund.

What’s next?

Well if you read this, you saw I also subscribed to BuildMyRank, so I will also have a review. All I can say for now is that I love it, it’s been about 2 weeks only and it DOES provide results. I will have to see if those stick but from what I see this is worth it, I canceled my TheLinkJuicer subscription and I’m happy to pay for something that works now. I have the basic 5 domains plan, and I think in about a month I will upgrade to 10 domains.

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