Blueprint Project Black Edition Soon To Be Out Of The Market

This is just a short post to tell you that The Blueprint Project Black Edition will go offline tomorrow. If you needed to be convinced again that this is a great program with insane value, Tim and Steve have added some more bonuses worth $4,997.

You can watch a webinar they just recorded at the following link: CLICK

That’s it. Just watch the webinar and see all you’ll get in addition the Blueprint Project Black Edition program.

Micro Jobs Sites – Outsoucing Your Work For Cheap

Hi all. In my last post I talked about your marketing plan and I briefly mentioned the importance of outsourcing and automation to scale your business. Reinvesting in these resources can help you build your business and grow your income higher and faster.

You simply only have 24 hours in a day and you can’t just do every little task on every aspect of internet marketing. Actually, you can. But not in one day, especially when you have more than just one website. Micro Jobs Sites may be a smart solution, that’s the power of crowdsourcing: assigning a job to many people instead of one.

So I used the most powerful search tool on the planet… Google. Yeah I know, that’s a search engine, but actually when you plug something in it spits quite relevant results.

And I searched for micro jobs sites, where you can pay pennies for very short tasks. Of course you can pay more for longer tasks (like writing articles) but on these type of sites I don’t do it.

Here here the list of micro jobs sites I’ve compiled:

  • (amazon)
  • RapidWorkers

I’ve only tried the first 2, I don’t know about the others! Of course Amazon MTurk is legit too.

You could also add Fiverr to that list though it’s more for a one time job, and it must be $5.

Basically these sites are almost all the same, and work all the same. They have various fees and some even tell you the minimum you should pay for a certain task. Some just let you choose the amount you want to pay. You can also choose the number of times your task should be done.

Here’s an example, I did this yesterday. You need to fund your account via PayPal or others if available.

I went to, and I asked one of my link (a squidoo lens) to be submitted to reddit. I wanted this task to be performed 12 times, so I should have about 12 votes on my link.

I did the same thing on, but this time for a hub at hubpages, I wanted this to be done 30 times.

I first shorten my URLs with then in my instructions told people to open the link in their browser, then submit the new URL to reddit, or Digg.


On ShortTask, I don’t know what happened but almost everyone submitted the link, while I clearly stated the NEW link in the instructions. Now I could have simply posted my squidoo URL but I wanted to track the number of visits (you can do this if you create a account) and also for not leaving footprints anywhere. Plus it gets you traffic on your site, or web 2.0 properties. For hubpages, traffic is a factor that increase your HubScore (important for dofollow backlinks).

On Microworkers, everything went fine, only 2 people didn’t digg my link.

On each of these websites you can ask for proof, you actually want to track the job, see that it’s really done. So you can ask them their profile URL as a proof, or the URL of the bookmark. Always ask for a proof of some sort. For a simple task like increasing views, you want to shorten the link so then you can ask what was the URL of the video as a proof, or the name of the channel.

Now on ShortTask, I know that I’d need to rephrase and be even more clear in my instructions. On microworkers I think they changed my instructions before these were live. So these were well laid out, they mentioned that link was a shortened URL.

When you’re not satisfied, you can reject the job, and you’re not charged. Of course if you rate someone unfairly, your account could be banned too. I had to reject almost everything on ShortTask, but I will use them again with better instructions.

How much did I pay?

On shorttask, I paid $0.03 for each submission. With their fees, a total of $0.48.
On microworkers I paid $0.10 (it was the minimum required, or recommended, don’t remember). With their fees I paid $3.97.

On microworkers you must assign a task to a minimum of 30 people. I haven’t checked other websites.

Really you can get nice ranking jumps with stronger social bookmarking backlinks. I have seen my squidoo page getting better though most didn’t do the right thing. Same for my hub with microworkers.

What’s better, it’s fast, few hours later and you get things done. You can geo target the workers. For submissions like this you don’t care where the diggs are from. So International is okay, this is the number of votes that will make your link appear higher, not the country of the diggers, or redditers.

What could you ask?

  • Well for just 1 cent, that’s $0.01, you can have someone open a youtube video. Ask them to watch it, or actually “just let it play from the begining to the end”. If I’m correct a video needs to be played for 30 seconds on youtube for a view to be counted.

    You want views to your videos because the more views, the higher it appears on YouTube search, and on Google too. You still have to optimize the description and tags for better results.

  • You can also increase the number of articles views at EzineArticles so your article jumps in the “most viewed” of its own category, and more internal backlinks point to it. It will get more traffic from Search Engines too.
  • You can ask for acount creations too on many services, social bookmarking, web 2.0 sites, email accounts, video sites…
  • You can ask for blog comments, social bookmarking from $0.03

I saw someone paying $0.06 for twitter account creation, so it’s $6 for 100 accounts, without the fees.

Don’t ask for illegal or unethical stuff. I’ve seen people asking for clicks on their ads. I’m not sure f it was for AdSense or not but it is strictly prohibited by AdSense TOS and can get you banned. Some others ask for signups to CPA offers. If your CPA networks find out that all your signups are crap, they can kick you out too and may not pay your money, even the legit signups you got.

Increasing views on an article or a video may be grey hat or black hat for some but you’re not doing harm. But if you do things that can get you into troubles, don’t cry.

I talked about article writing, well the ones I use are:


Now you can of course try to use the micro job sites, maybe for rewriting. Just assign a rewriting task for each sentence of the article. You may pay just 0.05 for that kind of task, maybe more, I’ll try that. Of course ask for perfect english. By having all your sentences rewritten several times you can create more versions of your article, then spin everything.

What I see is something like this (just an example):

  • Go to ShortTask, or MTurk
  • Create one task for each of your sentence, asking it to be reviewed.
  • If you pay $0.05 per sentence, that’s $1.5 for a 30 sentences article. Not bad at all!

You may adjust the amount you want to pay according to the number of words of each sentence. It may be time consuming but actually, you can generally save a template of your task to use later, so you can just change the sentence on each new task.

Plus each task can be renewed too. So if you go there to ask for backlinks, you can renew your task every month and get new backlinks to your site. Just an idea.

Okay I hope this article was helpful to you. All I want is that you actually DO something with this information. Try this and maybe you’ll find you get greater results.

Hey, 100 diggs at $0.03 on ShortTask would cost you just $4, fees included. If you have some valuable content this could be a great boost. Now imagine you invest $10 to get 100 diggs, 100 reddit votes, 100 delicious, 100 propeller and so on, 100 votes on your video, 100 blog comments… You can have a cheap SEO plan and these backlinks will be really powerful.

That’s it for micro jobs sites, have a great week.

Applying Basics With Consistency Gives REAL Results

In extense, I could have just said: just do it, and repeat. Doing things that you know work over and over again can only give you better results. Of course whatever you do, you don’t want to become spammy or anything that could get you into trouble.

But if you apply the simplest stuff consistently, you will make money. So let’s talk about one aspect of internet marketing that most marketers struggle for, getting traffic.

If you don’t pay for it, you wil have to go the SEO route. Without talking of on-page SEO, you’re left with almost one thing, and that’s building backlinks to your money site so it ranks better and better.

The long introduction:

Nothing new under the sun, and thats the purpose of this post. I think I have not seen anything new in terms of techniques to get ranked. Everyone seems to have a new “groundbreaking discovery and technique that let you dominate Google in 24 hours flat for all your keywords at the push of a button“.

Well, there’s none. Of course the process can be automated with the right softwares or services or anything, but what is done is not new.

What I know works: getting quality backlinks, which means relevant sources, relevant content from authority websites help you get ranked.

That’s why linkwheels got so much success. Now I don’t remember if I posted already about it but here’s the thing: the whole internet is a giant linkwheel. Some people are saying that linkwheels don’t work so well now compared to few months ago.

Well of course, the first linkwheel models suggested the same content, posted on several web 2.0 properties. You can spin the content, the meanings was still the same. I’ve never thought it was really providing value to the visitors to link to another piece of content that was saying the same thing, just rephased.

So then new linkwheel models said you should have related content, each web 2.0 property should target another keyword or the a variation. These web 2.0 sites are still interlinked between each other and also to your site.

Then I’ve seen that you should make a linkwheel, interlinked, but instead of linking to your site, each web 2.0 site links to a central web 2.0 site. This one at the top then links to your site. I think it’s what’s been called a link pyramid, and the most recommended way of creating a linkwheel. You should of course create several link pyramids like this one to have more backlinks to your own site.

Now tell me, if you think about it, what is new? Mmmm… right , nothing. Some guys have sold us eBooks and video training or any kind of course, just to tell us that:

  • If you build web 2.0 properties to link to another web 2.0 property, this last one will become stronger.
  • Because this web 2.0 property is stronger, the link you place there to your own website is also stronger. Great for SEO and rankings.

Huh… aren’t these just the basics of SEO?

Similar methods involved submitting your article to eZineArticles. Since EZA is an authority site, you should backlink your article so it stays and ranks higher in search engines. And again you get a solid backlink from a strong article page.

This shouldn’t be something to be amazed about. Any page you send backlinks to should rank higher. The better the quality of your backlinks, the better the rankings. It’s been like that since I started internet marketing over 3 years ago, and it was before (how could I learn it if it weren’t).

Now okay, I have to admit, I wasted my time, and money too on such super powerful techniques. The thing is you don’t really look for something new when you’ve been in this business for a little while, but more for a resource you didn’t know.

One of the example is the way to acquire links, like the ones sold in backlink packets. There are thousands of high PR sites that you can leave a profile link on to your money site. I’ve not done that sort of things that much. It does work, still it’s basic, getting backlinks to your page from strong sites.

With time, you find all these processes long and boring, so the money you make has to be reinvested, either in software for automation or/and outsourcing. My real work is finding profitable niches ane keywords, offers that convert well. Then the process is almost always the same.

Here’s what I do: I go to web 2.0 sites to add content and a backlink to my site. Then I drive backlinks to these web 2.0 sites. Impressive right!

No interlinking between each web 2.0 sites, though you could backlink them randomly, by creating another piece of content elsewhere.

Here’s a graphic for better understanding on the rightSEO - Backlink Plan (Click to enlarge). This is a little backlink plan. You can save it to your computer too.

I haven’t added the article directories, but I would write articles to link to my money site as well as web 2.0 sites. I also didn’t included that I would submit the rss feed of the money site, social bookmark it too. You can also ping every new piece of content.

The But for clarity I stopped here, in terms of “linkwheel”, which for me is clearly not one.

That’s the big part of the “work”. You should also vary your backlinks sources and anchor text. So you can for example throw some profile backlinks and info sites links (like whois sites) to have different sources. You can submit a press release about your new site too.

That’s all basic backlink stuff and well enough to get traffic to a niche website. Once you have a clear system in mind you can easily replicate it quickly for many more websites.

I also try to make a website that converts. As an affiliate that means I want most of my visitor to reach the offer page. So my best offer, most recommended product, is at a prominent place, above the fold, on every page.

That’s the conduit method, that I’ve been using from… a very long time. Sure I have my own twist… I change the WordPress theme I use once in a while πŸ˜€

But really there’s nothing hard to understand. What is stopping me is procrastination, getting distracted. But once I have the right mindset I can have a full site done in a day or two, this include the promotion too (though I will spread the social bookmarking phase during the week). And once I outsource the content it gets really easy.

You should create systems, instructions and plans of actions for the people you want to ousource the work to. Then just focus on what you like.

That’s about it. Creating a nice website that promote others products. Backlinking with web 2.0 sites, backlinking those web 2.0 sites nd articles too. Submitting the RSS feeds. Blog comments. Ping.

If you target buying keywords, it’s even better.

Say your money site is around a product name, or niche name and internal pages are about products.

Then your web 2.0 properties will each target a buying keyword around a product name, and links to the product page on your site.

I think this post is already long and should come to an end. Basically, don’t go out after something new, except if it’s on something you really are interested in AND that you plan to REALLY implement in your marketing (video marketing for example).

Do the basics, repeat the basics. In terms of SEO, that’s building a well optimized site with proper tags, keywords and relevant terms, content, theme. That’s on-page SEO. As for the off-page SEO, that’s basically building backlinks from a variety of sources, quality backlinks on relevant content ages from authority sites.

Have a great week end.

The Blueprint Project Black Edition – One More Thing…

Hi guys and gals, just wanted to add something about The Blueprint Project Black Edition for those considering getting it. If building physical products stores (and when I say build, you actually just click a button) is something you think is not for you then you can skip this post.

So what I wanted to add is about the tools you get, you certainly aw that in their prelaunch they were giving away Keyword Blueprint and Link Blueprint. Well though these are awesome resources that Tim and Steve gave away for free, there are more to get access inside The Blueprint Project Black Edition.

One that I have access too is Discover Niches. This is just so powerful, and fast. Because all the datas are saved. So what you just do is type a keyword and it gives you all the keyword with search volume and competition, instantly. You can even type no keywords but set the search volume and competition figures to your likes and it spits out all keywords to go after.

Another resource is of course the dopshippers and wholesalers database. This is Dropship Blueprint that you will get access to, access to this resource alone is $197. You get access to millions (over 3 millions) of products to build sites for. Think about all the niches that have almost no competition.

If you go to The Blueprint Project Black Edition sales page you can see an example keyword (“buy train horns online” with just 9 results on Google, still the case). I just saw that some of these products were sold for $400. So your profit can be really huge if you get the wholesale price. Remember since it’s dropshipping, you don’t pay anything upfront! You just process the orders to the suppliers, who will take care of handling and shipping.

That’s right, you get paid first!

The most important thing

Then one last thing I’d like you to think about is the advantage that you get being an internet marketer. If you’ve been in this game for a while you certainly know enough, more than many people who would like to have a website to sell their products. Let me explain.

A local business would want an online store so they can sell more, nationally or internationally. Still, they have to install the ecommerce scrip and the online marketing to do to get ranked in Search Engines and get free traffic, or pay for traffic.

Either they take the learning curve of internet marketing and you certainly know how hard it can be to know where to start and where to go from there, or they would pay someone to do the job for them.

Their knowledge is on the product they sell, not on the internet marketing part, and not on the technical side of things either (hosting, instaling the ecommerce script…).

You are different. You don’t have to know anything about the product. You just decide on a niche, click a button to have the store installed, add a few products with few more clicks. Basically you can quickly have your online store up and running very quickly since you know you don’t have to pay someone to do it, everything is done automatically.

And then your marketer job starts, and this is going to be fun. Now with those tiny niches and over 3 millions products to promote you have sites with very low competition, and you now can build few backlinks to get some traffic and easily get ranked. The local business owner who wanted his/her store online is still learning SEO or PPC or having an “internet marketing expert” doing it for him/her.

That is the most important thing you should know: the ease you will make money with this business model. And it is replicable. Just instead of building 10 or 50 affiliate sites, you can just build 10 online stores that you OWN. You directly make the profit, and lots of it.

And here’s one more tip… Vary your niches, go for lower, mid and higher price products. You should still know that it takes the same amount of effort to promote a low price product as a higher one, so your cut is higher too.

Okay, that was my little additional infos and tips for those interested in the dropshipping model.

Now get The Blueprint Project Black Edition before it’s down.

The Blueprint Project Black Edition Is Live

Hi everyone, hope everything is smooth for you. Today is the day The Blueprint Project Black Edition goes live and you certainly got a bunch of emails about it. Anyway, I know the strategy and it does make money, lots of it and yes, you can definitely earn thousands per day, and this is with just few websites.

So if you don’t know what it is you can check it out now, here’s my link.

If you want a quick recap…

This is the ultimate version of their Niche Blueprint course: building physical products stores. You don’t need to carry any stock, you get a suppliers database which will handle the storage, shipping and handling. That’s dropshipping.

Steve and Tim and their team have perfected the system so anyone can get a store in any niche, process payments and orders, even if you’re not based in the US. And the store platform is a push-button solution. Also everything is given to you for traffic and sales.

This works. Really. Once you have a profitable website either keep it, or sell it for sooper profits.

If this is something you would be interested in, be sure that it is an awesome value. You get EVERYTHING you need, and a great customer support.

Get The Blueprint Project Black Edition.

Free Keyword Research and Link Building Tool

Okay everyone, this isΒ  it, what I told you yesterday. Some free resources to help your business this year. I got many emails (just like you) promising great things for this new year and offering free stuff. Well you know how it goes with pre-launch content. I chose to introduce you to some free keyword research and link building tools.

Thiese are some of the most valuable tools you can own because THESE WILL MAKE YOU MONEY. If you use them, of course. And yes they are free.

What are these tools?

These are Keyword Blueprint 2 and Link Blueprint, by Tim Godfrey and Steve Clayton.Get them here (they are giving them away for the pre launch of their new program).

If you don’t know who these guys are, they are the creators of Commission Blueprint, Niche Blueprint, SEM Blueprint, IMEye.

These are all great stuff. I can honestly say they produce great products and their support is just excellent.

I bought Niche Blueprint in the past and it was $297. Then they upgraded this course to 2.0 and I had to pay $97 for this, and I did because the new tools included are fantastic. Some of these tools included Keyword Blueprint and Link Blueprint.

Keyword Blueprint is kind of Micro Niche Finder. It retrieves Google keyword tool data and tell you if a keywords is easy or difficult to rank for, or competitive for PPC.

Link Blueprint is actually a network of people to exchange links. But without reciprocal links for better benefits. You give links to other people from your sites, you earn credits. With these credits you can then ask for links to your sites. There are rules to follow to keep this effective: no crap links from link pages, no blog comments, no porn/gambling sites. But at least links from a 350 words article or post and few other easy guidelines.

What’s cool is that if you only have PR0 or 1 sites, it’s ok, you can still ask for PR3 links if you want, providing you earned enough credits.

Now don’t worry if this look confusing, there is a tutorial video for each of these tools.

Now as I said these are part of the prelaunch material of their new program called The Blueprint Project – Black Edition.

What is The Blueprint Project Black Edition?

They define it as their best product ever made. And I tend to believe it. This is actually the ultimate edition of Niche Blueprint. This course teaches you, step by step how to build e-commerce sites. That’s right, sell physical products.

But you don’t touch the goods. You will get in touch with suppliers who take care of the storage and shipping. You basically just process orders. It’s the dropshipping model, indeed.

They give you everything! The platform you get is the best, they have improved it since they started doing this business, and it’s been quite some time now. Also, it’s a push-button solution, really, no technical knowledge required.

All the tools and how to get merchant accounts, payment gateways… you will know it all and you will have no difficulty to be up and running, even if you’re not based in the US: I’M NOT IN THE US EITHER, and I bought this program months ago, it’s even better now.

So don’t worry you will never be alone, they even have a team that helps you with all products/suppliers issues.

To sum up, The Blueprint Project – Black Edition is a course that shows you how to build physical products stores, get them ranked for free traffic and make a real income. And remember you get all the tools, and a customer support that is truly one of the best you’ll ever see.

They also teach you how to flip your website for some of the biggest money to be made online. This is really how you get huge amounts of cash.

Okay that’s it. It may look like I want you to buy The Blueprint Project for a commission, but I’m just enthusiastic about it and because of the free tools they’re giving away. You can decide to watch the video they have prepared for more details.

So visit The Blueprint Project to download Keyword Blueprint, the keyword research tool, and get access to Link Blueprint, the link building resources for your SEO efforts.

Happy New Year 2011 To All!

Yeah, I know. I’m late but anyway: Happy New Year to all.

I hope 2011 will be a great year for you and your family and get you tons of happiness, money, and keep you in th best health possible.

Okay I may have done better but that’s really wrapping up what I wanted to say. So what are you going to do this year. How are you going to start 2011?

I have an idea, I complete my last year challenges and am quite happy. Sure all expectations were not met but at least every action required were done and I have complete the challenges.

So my idea is quite simple: set new challenges, new goals, aim higher.

I have been receiving emails about some cool stuff. Don’t worry I’m just going to tell you about something free that should really help your business if you’re just starting (and it is FREE πŸ˜‰ )

In the meantime have a great day, week and year 2011!

Find and Get Insaleny Profitable Niches

This will be a very brief post about niche research and how to find super profitable niches. If you want to promote products, services, offers that will get you huge cash you will want to a least look at this. This is an affiliate marketing course.

I got this recommended by two marketers I really respect and that made a difference in my business, Josh Spaulding and Chris Rempel. I’m talking about Elite Niche Research by Andrew Hansen and John Stanton.

To make more money as an affiliate with niche markets, this course tells you something different from anything that you’ve heard before. Chris Rempel said he found niches that was paying $500 per lead, some $2000 per sale admitting he thought he knew it all about niche research.

I guess I and you too have still something to learn. It’s $77 for the course and $114 if you take the course with 25 first niches, there is an upsell at $37 too.

So please check this while the price is low, it’s going to raise soon.

Check out Elite Niche Research.

Internet Connexion Back Up! Work’s Back To Normal

Woohoo, well it’s not like I became a millionaire but anyway, my internet connexion is back up and everything’s running great. I called the customer support Saturday and considering they don’t work on Sunday, having everything fixed on Monday is quite fast, though it still sucks to not having services up during a week end!

Well it was not the fault of the provider, a bad wiring inside. Which means I have to pay for the repair. Ouch, 122.49 euros. Damn Christmas in advance, what a gift.

What’s next? Well back to normal work and enjoying submission of articles from home and some article writing projects. What are you doing right now? Yeah it’s not twitter here but if you want to say what you’re currently doing (except reading this post), the comment section is there.

Have you noticed all 3 previous paragraphs start with a “W”? Subliminal messages I tell you…


Internet Down! What Can I Do?

Hey everyone, my internet connexion is down since yesterday, it is supposed to be back up before December 1st. I have to call the customer support from my cell phone of course, hotline is not free, waiting time is. That sucks, I’m currently writing from my girlfriend’s mother’s house.

Since this is a Triple play offer (internet, TV, phone), all the services are down. Yeah that sucks. so what can you do when it occurs?

I could not, submit articles to directories, and make research on topics so I can write more articles.

So I wrote articles on topics I knew about. I also planned a lot of stuff to run when my connexion is up again. For example I have written instructions for outsourcing stuff. Hopefully, since I had outsourced few articles before this happened, writers have been able to do the job.

I remembered an article I saw on WorkAwesome, I already mentioned this website. Some nice content there. Anyway the article to read in this case is… How To Stay Productive When The Internet Is Down.

Now of course this has affected my 30 day challenge. I talked about it 3 days ago. I want to update 3 blogs a day. Two are very easy to do, already indexed, and one is started from scratch. I’ve not been able to publish yesterday. Not really a big deal but still something I would have prefered to avoid.

Okay so one of m best tip, also on the blog post I mentioned is : PLANNING.Preparing stuff that you can do immediately after your connexion is back up.

Okay have fun and stay FOCUS!