SEO Case Study and Judgement – SEOn Trial

Hello world again, hope you enjoyed my latest posts about article marketing, today I’d like to mention an SEO case study: SEOn Trial.

If you’ve been reading me since I came back to blogging here, you may have read about RAMOS (Revolutionary Affiliate Marketing on Steroids) which is truly revolutionary. It only costs $1.97. It tells you the truth about affiliate marketing (the good, bad and ugly stuff) and how to finally enter an inner circle of marketers, promote only quality products, get paid even if people don’t buy from your links, get paid even when you don’t promote the product.

Do the work once and earn forever.

This is really a great report and you can actually start earning money from today. If you have a list, facebook or twitter account you can see money rolling in right now.

Okay this post doesn’t seem to be about an SEO case study. Let me correct this now.

The author of RAMOS, Oz, made an SEO case study last year, and added few updates during this year, and with still accurate infos. It’s SEOn Trial, a short and free report that will highlight the real power of content (nope, not what you think), and the value of backlinks.

If you have readand joined RAMOS then you already know the quality you’re getting from the miserable $2 you spent. SEOn Trial sold for $37 when released, you get it free now.

I’ll quote the opening statement:

“It is possible to rank No. 1 On Google (with over 100 million competing results) with a web page that has no content whatsoever.”

Oz proves it. Again it shows how doing not too much work can lead to high rankings, even with millions of competing sites. This is free so jump on it, it’s all quality. Don’t take my word and see for yourself.

Download SEOn Trial

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