SEO Experiments And Observations After 6 Months

Hey all, hope everything is well for you, and your family and friends and well everyone you like. It’s been Thanksgiving for the countries that celebrate it so I guess some of you enjoyed that time with your closed ones. And if I’m correct this is Black Friday today. Anyway, I’m not here to talk about celebrations, or at least that’s not the main purpose of this post.

First, it’s been about 6 months since my last post on Internet Marketing Trip. I know, I know… I’m not a great blogger it seems, but I try to tell you things that I think matter, and if I don’t receive tons of visits because of the lack of updates, it doesn’t really matter. That blog will still get seen by a few and may help.

So during these 6 months (I wasn’t in vacation), few things have happened, I tried few experiments on my niche sites, trying to get better rankings, higer income, implemeinting other strategies. Not everything worked, but it gave me some insights, that I will share with you if you agree.

Before I go on, if you don’t know me, I’m mainly doing affiliate marketing, building review sites that I market via SEO. So I will mainly discuss the various SEO works I’ve been involved in.

(Let me log in to my PayPal account so I can check what I paid and subscribed to… and cancelled)

Blog Comments

Let’s start with Actually Rank – a service by Chris Rempel. If you know me, you certainly know I’m a huge fan of what Chris does, and I thought that joining AR would be a great deal. Well, I stayed two months subscribed, and then I thought it wasn’t the best bang for my buck I could get. Of course I’m commenting about it 5 to 6 months later and things may have improved.

I expected much more quality sources. Maybe I should have waited, but I think I took the right decision to cancel my subscription. Let me explain. Actually Rank provides you a list of blog posts where you can comment on. these blogs are all PR2+ and dofollow. It was great on the paper. Their system even has a rating score based on several SEO factors that are definitely great, no doubt about this. But I never bothered going through the 2000 links I got each month.

Indeed a lot of the best rated source I got were “bad” blogs. Which in the system means you either can’t comment on (comments closed), or site is not in english, or page doesn’t exist or other things like that that don’t allow you to place your comment.

Now, the service was made for those who also wanted to outsource their blog commenting. Great, but still my assistant would have to waste some time filtering out bad blogs. They had a feature where you could export all the links, which was good, but then removed it. The reason is that you could use these supposedly great blogs in softwares like ScrapeBox and spam the hell out of these.

I understood that, though ScrapeBox is much more than a spamming tool, and is only a spamming tool if you use it for spam. It does much more than that, and can very well give me thousands of high PR blogs I can comment on MANUALLY too. I’ll make a post just about it soon.

If I was able to import those links to ScrapeBox, I could have checked if the comments were open and if the page was still live (no Error 404 or the like).

That’s the first part of why I cancelled: the link source itself. Note that I DID comment on those blogs. I used the service because I truly believe that I didn’t need too many backlinks from those to rank, well I guess you need more than”only a few”.

That’s my experience. Still I know Chris shoots for quality stuff and I guess he will do its best to improve it. So it is still an option you can have a look to.

The second reason is the price. I entered at $69 per month, it is now $89 for the lite package. I think that getting only a list of blog posts for that price is a lot. For this price you can have comments written for you. Sure these are high quality dofollow blogs that re not spammed. But I can get a list of blogs like this (thanks ScrapeBox) for a one time fee of $57. And even if you tell me that you still have to run the software, well no, you can outsource it. Browse forums or go to sites like oDesk and search for ScrapeBox services and ask them to get you a list of High Pr blog posts, dofollow or not (upto you for natural profile), with low outbound links, filtered according to your own criterias. It can be done each month, and you then forward this to a blog commenter for manual, high quality comments.

But there’s even better. It seems contextual backlinks are strong, and on high PR blogs too. Even if I know PR is not the factor that determines ranking, it still is a score for some authority in the eye of Google. And they use it. So instead of blog commenting, you could subscribe to a blog network such as Build My Rank for $60 per month, and you will get links that will land on the homepage of High PR blogs. Sure you have to write the posts, or outsource it, the same way you would have to outsource blog commenting.

For Build My Rank, you just need 150 words posts. Quality non spun content. They will disapprove any bad content. And guess what, you can find writers that will post to your account and guarantee approval. So if their content is rejected, they fix it. It is a lot of work to post dozens of posts every day. I’ll have to write more about this in my next post.

This leads us to…

Blog Networks

Well, blog comments can certainly give you a huge boost. But I have to say, it seems blog networks are quite a fantastic way to get higher rankings. I subscribed to one, more on that later. Why I recommend you to join a blog network (or find a service that can submit posts to blog networks for you using their acount), is simply upon observation.

It took me some time to decide if I should jump in or not. I certainly wanted to see if others would get results, but certainly I didn’t want to waste money. Plus there are now quite many networks out there, all with good and not so good reviews. But the fact is that these work.

Here’s something you can try, go to ClickBank and check the e-Business and e-Marketing category. You will see the current top internet marketing products. Type those into Google, adding the word review, or bonus or just the name of the product alone. You will see affiliate sites that have been built especially for those products as they use the keyword (name of product) in their domain.

You will also see some blogs that have reviews for all these products. They are ranking for all products. If you analyze their backlinks, these come from blog networks. Now that Yahoo Site Explorer is dead, you can try, and You will see homepage backlinks, actually, since these are blogs the posts are pushed in the archive and not appear on the home page anymore, but they have been indexed at that time.

Build My Rank is the one I would recommend upon my observations, again that’s only my observations. But still, I’ve seen PR2+ blogs linking to those same blogs again and again.

In my next post I’ll tell you more about blog networks and the one I use. I’ll publish that today.

Blogs are not the only SEO power you need

There’s much more than blogs to build links. Really outsourcing is absolutely needed once you want to have multiple sites, or want to promote more than one product on one site. It depends at the spped you want your business to grow.

So I’m not going to  make this post too much longer and talk about all aspects of SEO. But really, if you are not ranking, you may need to do or add something different. I’m not talking about competition, if you decided to go for top spot for broad terms like weight loss, finance, loans it will take a looooooong time.

Since the purpose of this post was to tell you what I’ve been doing during these 6 months, let’s go on.

SEO: Link Diversity

Recently I’ve been looking for All in one solutions, to have someone do link building to my sites, using a variety of link sources. There are quite a few on forums, but you could just go on Fiverr and check out for some SENuke services. I have tried few providers and some do really a good job.

Another source you can have a look to is WickedFire forum, especially their Links and SEO section where people sell their services. I’ve found one with some great work done for quite cheap. It’s, and here is their SERP Power Booster pack, they have others I consider too, but it seems this one has some nice link power for just under $40. What’s cool is the submission to blog networks, which will have blog posts drip fed for 2-3 months, plus they boost your backlinks too.

For other services you may find, you will have to get your links indexed. Building thousands of backlinks for your site means nothing if search engines never find them.

So you can use indexing services, or crawling services. These are not the same, crawling is cheaper, it is just to get your links spidered by search engine bots, and eventually some will get indexed. There is a debate on what you should do, if indexing or crawling is better. The truth is that most crawling services allow you to submit thousands of backlinks, so in the end you still get many of your links indexed.

I joined LinkClaw (elite package), for a one time fee of $47 (normally $97), which allows me  to submit upto 100,000 backlinks, and a total of 1000 domains. Their other packages are cheaper. There is a one time offer for $17 per month for unlimited sites and links. good if you’re doing it for others or blasting links from all over the web.

Others I consider joining are (they have a free package), and (50,000 links per day), but I will first see what LinkClaw can do for me, and anyway this was a one time fee. I have to admit I only joined LinkClaw few days ago so I need to wait a little bit to report results, but this will come soon.

Here are other All in One Solutions I’ve found.

  • Linking Made Easy
  • SERP Rockets – I want to try their package, they have some social media boost, which is now required to get better rankings or strenghten your authority/trust.


As I said, I used Fiverr many times, either to get content or to get links. I have always found good providers. It’s not that hard, you just need to search for what you want, sort by populartity or rating, read the reviews, and ask for a fix if it is needed. Don’t hesitate to open conversation with a provider if you want to know more.

This is the place where I got several SENuke campaigns made for me. But this is also where you can order several different link building campaigns and have a totally custom link building plan for your site. What I mean is that you can order an SENuke service from one guy, and a bunch of edu/gov backlinks from another one, and an article written, spun and submitted with Article Marketing Robot, and a press release written and submitted, and a video created and distributed… and so on. I just mentioned 5 types of gig, and that would only cost you $25.

And if you want to make some quick bucks you can create an offer for an all in one seo service on a forum and outsource the various tasks to Fiverr. It costs you $25 to do the above, you charge $50. It’s a simple middle man strategy that many others have been doing with sucess. Plus you get paid first, prior to outsource. Of course you need to get good and reliable providers first.


Content itself is an essential element of SEO. There are on-site SEO factors such as title, h1, h2, h3 tags, description, keywords placement, alt tags and so on, but if you forget about these, you’re left with… CONTENT.

Is it still king? I don’t know. What I know is that great content that give what the visitor is searching for is certainly what you should aim for. And it seems that longer posts such as 1000 words one are preferred. I know, that sucks if you used to hear “500 words minimum”. Especially when you pay for content, the cost is now double!

Still I’m not sure all your content should be over 1000 words every time. Just like you don’t want to use the single SAME strategy for link building to avoid footprints, you also want to get great content from 250 words, to 2000 words. Acutally I don’t even know if there is a limit.

But I’ve read a lot from others and yes, great quality content and long posts rank better according to many. And some people only even rely on their content. They just add one 1000 words everyday to their site. This is maybe the difference between focusing on ONE website or spreading your efforts on multiple niche websites. And if you’ve been in the game for a while you may have created few small websites that need to be maintained and that’s a lot of work.

However only have one website means having all your eggs in the same basket. If that site doesn’t get any traffic anymore because it loses its ranking… it may become hard to come back. Although I think that if you always created your site with quality content in mind you shouldn’t get any trouble.

Now, you may want to try these kind of sites. Sure it may look a lot of work, but that’s just one article a day, and that’s a long term strategy. In few weeks you will post less often. As I’ve said, some people only rely on their content, they don’t do any kind of link building. Natural links will come if people find it, I’m sure you have already seen sites ranking with no incoming links, or very little.

Are Content and SEO Links quality always needed?

I’d say yes, and common sense. However there cases where it seems nothing seems to be done with quality in mind and still people can rank.

There is a ClickBank product which is a bestselling in its category, I’m also promoting it. So I’ve seen competitors sites. Well the top site (yeah number 1) for both the product name, and review keywords has only ONE page of content, about 450 words. And all the backlinks seem to be crappy blog comments. Thousands of them I guess blasted with ScrapeBox on autoapproved blogs.

For this same product, there is another website, I guess from the same guy(s) since the design is exactly the same. But the content is terrible. No sentences seem related and make sense, but the keyword is included here and there. It’s just one big block of content. This second one was also on first page, I checked today they are on the second page of Google.

So either these guys are trying an experiment and it works, or they do it with multiple sites and since they rank why would they give a chance to quality? Just one page of content, a comments blast and you’re on first page. There’s certainly something to learn and this will have to be tried too.


Okay this post is approaching the 2700 words  so I may end it now. I have more to post but let’s stay a little bit organized.

I will see you very soon as I’m going to post new articles about stuff I’ve been using and recommend. For now let’s sum up:

  • You may want to join a blog network. One that seem to be a quality one is BuilMyRank, I’ll give you my review once I join, and tell you about others as well.
  • Link diversity: You need to have links from awide variety of source. Everyhing you know. It certainly has to be consistent but see next tip or previous one for links that continually come to your site.
  • You also want to index your backlinks, it’s building links to your links. LinkClaw (my link to the 50% discount) ensures they all get crawled.
  • Post great content to your site, try with various lenght, and preferrably with longer ones. You will attract links naturally.
  • Add some social proof: you need backlinks from tweets and Facebook or Google+.
  • Try something different. If you’ve been doing the same things over and over, andit does’t give you the results you want, try something else. Test, tweak, improve.

There is much more (such as domain age) that now plays a role into rankings. But let’s start with those will you?


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