SEO Link Monster – Should You Go For It? My Opinion…

Hey all, today I wan to discuss about SEO Link Monster that everyone has been talking about. I actually almost missed it was launched. I have to say I’m not a member, at least not yet. But I have seen people talking about it as a superior solution to BuildMyRank, and some say it’s not. So is it going to be superior? Well it really depends how you feel about doing SEO, and I will try to discuss the various features that can make a difference.

My Experience With BMR so far

First thing to say, I am a Build My Rank user. It works, plain and simple. It really push your rankings to the top. I recommend it without hesitation. If you have several niche websites this is a great tool. The one thing that I don’t like is that they can cancel your account if your post approval rate is too low. I mean, they reject the bad posts, so they’re not published, and the network quality is preserved.

But they will still ban you because you have a low approval rate. I guess it’s costing them money, they certainly pay a certain amount of money for reading, approving and rejecing posts and the more a post is submitted for approval, the more time someone has to check it, and the more money they have to spend.

I even just received a ban notice from them, and I have to get a 85% approval rate in the next 30 days. I actually hired writers and it seems they were not so good. I have new ones now, so I will see. I also have to add they are really picky sometimes and even reject posts that are VERY readable. I even deleted posts that were rejected without trying to fix them, these seem to count in your approval rate too. Maybe it would cost them less to have their approval team to fix a comma or a typo when this the only thing to do.

I’ll do a more in depth review some time (yeah I know I already said that weeks ago), but the results I’ve seen are great. I had links from PR1 to PR4 blogs, with a very high indexing rate. And all keywords I really used it for have climbed to page 1.

So let’s now see the differences with SEO Link Monster.

The price
Build My Rank offers a 2 weeks free trial with 10 links. And then starts at $59 per month for 5 domains. You can then promote as many URLs from these domains as you want. From their pricing page, here’s the upgrade options and pricing:
Up to 5 domains – $59/month
Up to 10 domains – $79/month
Up to 20 domains – $99/month
Up to 50 domains – $159/month
Up to 100 domains – $275/month
Up to 150 domains – $360/month
Up to 200 domains – $400/month

Seo Link Monster is $47 for the first month, then $147 per month thereafter. BUT you don’t have any domain limit.

With BMR, there is no intermediate options between 20 and 50 domains, but the pricing is still degressive. And if you are a niche marketer and don’t have too many sites to promote, the 20 domains options may be already good for you. You can also “archive” a domain and replace it with another one. You can still reactivate your archived domains and swithch them when you want to promote them. You keep all your links of course.

I actually don’t think the domain limit is one of the main difference for the user. But it can still have an importance in your costs, I’ll explain.

Content Lenght
BMR wants post lenght to be a minimum of 150 words, and one link per 15 words. SEOLM wants at least 2 sentences and a maximum of 500 words posts, and you’re allowed upto 3 links per post.

Content Quality
BMR doesn’t accept any spun content. Everything must be unique, proper English and all. Also, one post goes to only one blog in the network. If you want another link to your site, you have to write another post.

SEO Link Monster accepts spun content. And this is where your costs can go down. Because with one article that you get spun, it will be distributed to multiple blogs, and you thus get as many backlinks as it is published.

Of course BMR lovers will say that spun content can lead to unreadble articles and then the network quality would start to decline. That may be right, and I can’t tell you how much of quality control SEO Link Robot will perform. I don’t think they will actually be able to control each version of each article, but they may control their blog network from time to time.

HOWEVER, I also know that spun content done right can still be correct and readable. I know that some will use it in a spinning software and just click a button to have it automatically spun. This will lead to poor content. But if you rewrite each of your sentences several times, manually, add/remove paragraphs and sentences and use synonyms, again manually but still with the HELP of a software you can get great content every time. I said the HELP of a software, to make things easier, and not have the software to do everything automatically.

That said, I also have seen people promote their site with garbage content in some other blog networks. And if you alaready performed some kind of backlinks analysis on your competitors, you know what I mean. Sentences that don’t make sense with backlinks using keywords. Or an article that is not even related to the keyword they’re trying to rank for. The truth is… it still produced results because the blogs got high PR and other authority and ranking factors. And if you performed backlink analysis, this is certainly because they ranked on first page too…

So, it is too early to say that this network is going to be of a BETTER quality of BuildMyRank, in terms of content. My current thought is that it will not, simply because BMR filters poor content out, even for some very little grammar or spelling errors so they only have readable and proper English posts.

But what counts in the end is… Results.

Since I’m not a member of SEOLM I can’t talk of my results with them. However they already seem to have some fans who have great results, and even for very cometitive keywords, not just long tail keywords. Their indexing rate is good, I think I’ve seen something like 84%. They also give you the URLs where your blog post is published, that mean that you can also build links to your links to either index those that aren’t yet, or make them even more powerful.

If you get and keep high rankings from your spun articles, then no problem. It’s ven egoing to cut your costs down.

A lot of people will want to oursource their article creation and submission in SEO Link Monster, just like you can do with BMR. I’m on oDesk too, and I’ve seen prices for BMR posts from $0.40 per post to $2+ per post. And again you will have to pay for 10 posts if you want 10 backlinks (assuming you want 150 words posts). With SEO Link Monster you can outsource one article writing/spinning to get these 10 or more backlinks.

PageRank is not the only factor to take into account for rankings, but it’s still a good indicator and since people wants to know about it I’m mentioning it here. BMR have blogs from PR1 to PR6 (though for now I only got upto PR4 links), SEOLM has links from PR1 to PR4.

BMR can get you a maximum of 10 links per day per domain. SEO Link Monster will allow you to get 14.

SEO Link Monster will certainly work, it already work for others. I don’t know how the network quality will be maintained as many have preached for the power of unique content. But that doesn’t mean it will not provide results because you will get a high number of INDEXED links, from a variety of sources and IPs, with high PR.

I would say you can give SEO Link Monster a try, they have a money back guarantee for the first month, they will refund all your money if you don’t like them.

From my research and experience, both BMR and SEOLM will get you results quite fast so you should gauge if it’s worth investing with one of them long term. But also keep in mind that SEO can also take some time and for competitive terms you might want to wait for few weeks or months.

If you want to thank me for the effort, my affiliate links are ready! Oh no I don’t have any crappy bonus that will not enhance your experience with them…

Go to BuildMyRank – starts at $59 per month for 5 domains, may cost you more per link if you outsource.
Go to SEO Link Monster – $47 for first month, then $147 per month for no domain limits. Will cost you less per link when you outsource writing and spinning.

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