Setting Goals To Achieve Your Dream Lifestyle

So yesterday I blogged about my blogging challenge and mentioned that it can be considered like a goal to achieve. I made the challenge public:  just adding one blog post per day here. It’s a nice and easy goal but goal setting can really help you stay focus, get motivated and achieve the dream lifestyle you always ever wanted.

Can you imagine living the dream (and not dreaming the life) ?! That’s awesome isn’t it? Fact is, most people would think that it is impossible. The big house, the sports car, travelling around the world…

So let’s start with a definition, I searched for a way to define it but it was too long so here’s one to the point:

Goal setting involves establishing specific, measurable and time-targeted objectives.

I took this from wikipedia and this is something you should always have in mind when you set goals. If you want an even more complete technique check this post on SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timed).

The realistic criteria may or may not be accurate. In the 4 Hour Work Week, Tim Ferris says to set really BIG goals, something that you would not think possible right now, but that you will achieve and surpass anyway. This is a trick to make you think big. Because your mind will have to docus on that and you will take massive action.

Now of course, some will say if it’s not realistic, you will think it’s not attainable and not take action.

So here’s a tip: every goal is attainable, so it is always realistic. The route to achieve it my require more work, but it can be done. Period. Never doubt. And alwyas take action, just do something.

Here’s your new motto. Do you know Nike and Adidas slogans?

Just Do It and Impossible is Nothing.

I love these quotes, and if you keep those in mind, combined together nothing should prevent you from not achieving your goals. But doing things has more to do with procrastination or productivity and it will be another post subject I guess.

Back to goals setting, and to the main criterias : Specific, Measurable, Time-targeted.

Saying I want to make a lot of money is not specific. And irrelevant. A lot of money is not the same amount depending of where you live on the planet and the economy of your country.

I want to make $10,000 per month, or $100,000 a year is better, but not completely specific. You also need to tell how you’re going to do it.

Have more websites, build a list and create products to sell them, conduct high ticket webinars… How?

You may also want to tell yourself why: it can be to buy that car, be able to travel 5 times a year.

Once your goal is specific you can draw a route to that goal, by visualizing steps, which may be intermediary goals, and dissecting these steps.

If you want to have more websites, you may say you will do it by outsourcing all content, design creation and marketing. (that’s another “How”). Creating your own products may mean have a low entry one of $17, and another one at $97 and another one priced at $497.

Now about the measureable criteria. You can see the measure by the numbers. How much money, and make it progressive:

I want to lose 10 pounds in 30 days from now, by exercising 4 times a week. Each week then, you are able to track your progress.

Now the last main criteria is to have a timed goal. You need a deadline, otherwise you will never focus on it and forget about it. Even when you’ll get back at it, you will not have this “pressure” that tells you to get it done in 10, 30, 90 days or a year.

That’s pretty much it. I’m not a self improvement guru so my words may not be the best but I think you can see the point of all this.

Define a specific goal that you will achieve in a fixed time-frame and that you can measure and track. And stay focus!

Now your goals can be short term, long term. Very long term as well as very short term. Have you ever set goals for your work day. Today what do you want to achieve? It is certainly something you have to do, but it’s not defined very well so you don’t focus on these things.

Why not something like “Today, I will write 5 articles by searching and focusing on each topic for 20 minutes each”.

It can be building XY backlinks in one hour as well as becoming a recognized expert in your field in 1 year, or be a mllionaire in 3 years.

These are professional goals, but you can apply it to all your personal goals too.

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