Sites To Automate Your Internet Marketing For FREE

This is a follow up of my last post, I’ve been talking of automation and outsourcing recently for a few reasons and because your success may really depend on it. Actually, faster success because you can get more things done in a shorter time frame, or even in the same time frame.

In the last post I told you I’ll provide you with some great resources to automate internet marketing tasks for FREE. That’s right. Let’s start right away.

Sharing online medias, text, links at multiple social networking, web 2.0 sites can bring you some great exposure, so you may want to centralize everything from one place, with the following sites. Of course you need to have an account to the sites they publish to, I’ll give you some resources for that too, but check that out:

Social Marketing

  • PixelPipe – Just amazing, you could pay like $97 or more every month for this kind of service. It publishes your content to video sites, photo sites, blogs, doc sharing sites, audios, file upload sites, and social networks. Just create your account there and you’ll understand how powerful your social marketing campaign can be, and how fast you can do it! There’s about 90 sites supported I think. They have some great tools too to integrate with some of your softwares, like a firefox plugin to upload your medias automatically, or applications for your mobile phone. You must check that site out!
  • – This one is know by many marketers, it will allow you to ping, notify, update status on multiple sites at the same time.
  • HelloTXT – a bit like, HelloTXT defines themselves as a social life organizer and you can get access from web, Iphone, Ipad, Android. From this place you can manage multiple social networks, blogging and microblogging platforms, and even some more.
  • SocialADR – Automating social bookmarking to 19 sites at the moment. But what’s really cool is that you can get your sites bookmarked too by other SocialADR users. There is a paid version, this is a recurring fee for some massive amount of backlinks, and no account creation needed!
  • IMAutomator – A free and paid version. I’m not sure you should go for the pro version as for social bookmarking there are some software that will do it too. But the free version gives you 10 daily submission to 15 bookmarking sites. Also, the account creation to these sites is automated.
  • Tarpipe – The little brother of PixelPipe, though I think they are not directly connected they are doing about same stuff. You should have a look to them too, they’re free!
  • Onlywire – a free and paid version to get social bookmarks, it’s certainly the one that has been out there for the longest time.

Most of these sites make tools available to be easier to use from your desktop, and developpers can certainly play with their API to develop plugins or automation softwares.

Don’t hesitate to join all sites and see how they perform and the one you like the most. Now of course you need to create accounts at various web 2.0 sites these web tools posts and publish content to. Well, I don’t have a free solution for you, but you can outsource some cheap account creations.

I’ve found 2 services at WickedFire and the guys seem to have good reviews. I’m going to try them:

  • BestWorks001 thread – accounts for and PixelPipe supported sites.
  • SeoWorks09 thread – accounts for PixelPipe,, SocialADR, HelloTXT, Onlywire supported sites.

With the resources above you can have social bookmarking, videos, photos, audios, links, tweets, documents, blog posts… a bit everywhere online and that’s a lot of exposure, backlinks you can create once you set up accounts.

Now another source of backlinks that you certainly like is, drum roll…

Article Marketing

A free article submission software? Here is Article Submission Helper. It submits to 126 article directories, may not include all the ones you want but hey, that’s still some nice backlinking possibilities.

An article writing, rewriting, spinning and blending software? Check Article Tool Chest, it does stuff a paid tool would do and even more. You can customize many things to your likes and you will find it very useful I’m sure.

Did you like this post?

Tell me what you think, and share with everyone if you have some free stuff that can accelerate your success. I may need to update this post then,  I will search for more resources. I also want to discuss with you about some very low priced services. Of course I want to test them first and see how it goes, but I can tell you I already have found some very promising 😉

In the meantime, have a great time whatever you do.


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