So, What I’ve Done Since Last Time…

It’s been a while since I didn’t post here, my last one was “Happy New Year”. So, 2 months later I may have a few things to say. I think I will not be able to tell you everything I’ve done in one post now, but I promise that the very next days and posts will be more detailed and, I hope, informative. I think I’ll also write a post on “what I’ve learnt since I started Internet Marketing”.

What I’ve done ?

Principally, I’ve used the Conduit Method, by Chris Rempel to build and markets few websites. This is something I already mentioned here, I know, but this can’t hurt to tell you again how simple and profitable this is.And again the Chris Rempel’s VIP reports are cheap and can immediately be put into action. Now, just a tip, if after you buy one of his VIP reports you get an upsell that allows you to get all others VIP reports, even the ones that are not released yet, then take this opportunity.

(I don’t want to sound like I’m hard selling, but if you are looking for simple and smart ways to make money online, then I hugely recommend you buy Chris Rempel stuff, at least take the Conduit Method, it’s only $14.95.)

There was a comment recently on this blog about Chris Rempel stuff I promote, someone said it was good to say a product is good but you have to use it. I replied that I am using it and am making money with this. I’ve always wondered if I should add screenshots of some affiliate networks accounts to show proof. I’ve always thought there will be people who say you edited your pictures with Photoshop, or you’re just bragging about your earnings. Also I am not sure it helps anyone to show a screenshot.

Plus, by outsourcing few tasks like article writing I’ve been able to do much more things. My productivity increased and speaking of this…


I’ve joined the Wake Up Productive program by Eben Pagan. By the name you have guessed this course teach you how to be more productive. This is a good course that is spread on 12 weeks. It’s $297, and currently closed. It was opened for a very short time at the end of december, or maybe start of January.

However, just after I joined, I downloaded a free interview Jazon Katzenback (aka did with Mark Joyner. Mark Joyner is a big name in the Internet Marketing industry. The report was about planning in 2009. And (I’m sure many of you already know this website), I discovered Simpleology. Believe it or not, I didn’t know about this website 3 months ago, but this is an extremely high value resource.

Simpleology 101, the simple science of getting what you want. Create an account there, it is free. You’ll get a full course on productivity and how to manage your time better and get many more things done. And you know what ? I prefer the Simpleology website than the Wake Up Productive course. Why ? There is a community forum, support, and tons of free resources, and a lesson (video, ebook to print, audio) to learn and practice everyday. With Wake Up Productive, you have one lesson (video too) each week (12 weeks) to practice and integrate to your routine. The only way to communicate with others is via comments, just like any other blog

Don’t get me wrong, Wake Up Productive is very good too, Eben style is great and there is a high value in it that’s what I stayed in this program too, but I guess this is better to take these kind of programs one by one, and not at the same time.

Since Mark Joyner is an internet marketer too, be prepared to receive some emails that promotes many of his products. However, you will receive more free stuff from Simpleology, you don’t have to buy anything more if you don’t want too. But I suggest you keep the emails he sends you, because when he offers something this is at a discounted price, if you then want to buy it from Simpleology you may not get this same discount.

Now something that you MUST read too : I got an email for one of his book : Mind Control Marketing. The email said that this book was so big that he had to stop selling it. And people started to resell their version on Amazon Marketplace or eBay for something like $500. I didn’t believe it really, so I checked Amazon and eBay, and searched for Mind Control Marketing. And indeed, this is the case. But you can now get the ebook version for only $27 if you create an account with Simpleology.

As for the free resources I mentioned, these are the ebook version of his bestsellers “The Irresistible Offer” or “The Great Formula”, still selling well at Amazon.

Damn I’m not even getting paid for telling you about this ! There is something inside Simplology 102, the simple science of money ($97 but you’ll get an offer to have it free with another product that you can try for $1, I did), and this is about “Word of Mouth”, that is the most powerful marketing model for your business.

Thinking about creating my own product

I don’t know really if it will be about Internet Marketing or launching online business, if I’ll write it in French or English and many other things. I’ve signed up for an InfoMillionaire membership, this is a course by Frank Kern, and a good one. Basically, you send traffic to a squeeze page that redirects to an affiliate program. You then create your own product, and market it to the list you just built. You need to create a product that is better than the one you are promoting, and of course you now have a targeted list to market to.

I don’t know if I will stay in the InfoMillionaire membership, I have received 2 monthly issues for now. This is very good yes, but I know there are other courses that can teach you how to create your own product and how to build your list. And oh, the 2 last Chris Rempel VIP reports are The Rapid List Profit Formula, and the 24 Hour Hot Product Formula.

The 24 Hour Hot Product Formula hast just been released, it is live from yesterday. I didn’t have time to read it, but I can tell you it’s 28 pages, and that this is the method Chris Rempel used to create $76k in December 2008. What he says is that Affiliate Marketing is great, no inventory, no customer support, but then you have all the promotion and traffic generation work to do. Creating your own product can be done in 24 hours, and doesn’t take that much effort, even less than being an affiliate. And all the promotion and traffic generation is done by… affiliates. When I will have read it I’ll provide a review as always.

Video Marketing

I joined Easy Video Sales few months ago, a course created by Jason Moffatt, and thus have started a bit of video marketing. Video websites receive high traffic and why not have some more exposure for your websites ? So I have made a few videos for some offers but I was concerned by getting more traffic, not just YouTube.

I have tried Video Post Robot, a software that automates your video submission to 18 video websites. It used to be more but some repeated bugs lead the team to remove some. Is it good ? Well, yes it is. How much ? $197. I said I tried, this means I asked for a refund. Now I’m wondering if I shouldn’t really have to stay with it.

I wanted a refund because it always failed to upload to YouTube (and Yahoo Videos and MSN). I’ve checked many times my settings and “Status = Failed”. YouTube being the BIG one, I thought it was really bad if it can’t upload there. But actually, it would have been only 3 websites where I would have to upload manually. Anyway, I think you should check it out for yourself, and don’t worry, you have 30 days to try it, if you want a refund you just ask the customer service team and they are very friendly.

Maybe you will have more success with your uploads, there are other automation softwares I want to try. When you need to get more things done you need to automate some parts of your business, and you either do it by outsourcing or use the tools that can do it automatically.

This post is a bit long now and I still have things to say. But I’ll finish with this :

Free Stuff

Just because I like free stuff and I know we all like it, here are the things that I have came accross recently that may help some of you :

Simpleology. Again that’s free and will teach you how to get more productive and manage your time better. That’s cool !
2009 Planning – The Mark Joyner interview by Jason Katzenback.
(I just visit for the link above, and that reminds me he wrote a nice free ebook : How to Build a Business Not Just A Blog, you’ll find it easily there).
CPA Marketing – I got an email, I don’t remember who sent me this, but this is a free report that would certainly be useful to those who want to try CPA Marketing, it has been very hot recently. So if you want to do or already are doing some Pay Per Click marketing then grab it. This is written by Gauher Chaudhry, from PPC Classroom.

I’ll post again tomorrow. Have a nice day, or night depending on where you live.

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