Some Article Strategies To Make Money

I am very sure some people are already doing it but some also are just wondering if they can do more with articles than article marketing. Well, I think I have an answer, at least some ideas that could be expanded and that I have started to use.

The Common Article Marketing Strategy, or Do-It-Yourself

Articles are content, you can write some to develop a website, and to market your website, submitting to directories to gain backlinks. This is the article marketing as we know it, or bum marketing for some. I still do article marketing and when you are in a cool niche, with not so much competition, or promoting a new product that just comes on the market then you can dominate SERPs easily.

TIP : your article includes the name of the product in the headline and body, and the domain you installed a website for the product (your landing page, or mini site, blog) includes the name of product too. If you are promoting ONE product on its ONE website this workd very well. You may have already seen some

Article Marketing – Pay For Good Work

So I have bought the 4 Hour Work Week (still writing the review) and there is a part about outsourcing. And since writing articles may be time consuming when you are not an expert on a field, you can hire a writer and have him writing articles for you. I have found some cool writers on digitalpoint forums, they work well and they are cheap. (I also have been scammed, articles not unique and then not usable…), so ask members with good or great reputation, this is your best bet.

Here is an example that I am using right now :

I’ve found a member with a very high reputation and itrader on digitalpoint, his rates are $0.01 per word. You will find writers at 0.015 or 0.02 and even more. What you want are the backlinks, even if the articles are “small”, you will still be there. So if your writer is professional, writes a good english, that’s fine. You can ask samples to see the quality of their works.

Back to my writer and his $0.01 per word, means a 300 words article is $3. You also have to know that many article writers offer discounts if you purchase in bulk, or for more words. But for the purpose of this example I’ll keep the $3 per article. I choose 300 words because EzineArticles asks articles to be at least 250 words.

Now depending on your budget, if you want to submit one article a day, it’s 30 articles and $90. You should be able to write few resource boxes. While your writer is busy, you could have started your mini site/landing page for affiliate programs or AdSense. This means you too have some work ! Write a review of a product, or articles for AdSense.

Once your website is ready, you can start submitting all the articles, but one a day is recommended. I am not an SEO expert but I’ve read that building too much backlinks in a short period of time could make Google unhappy. I don’t know what is too much, but with one submission a day you also ensure a regular flow of content.

That’s it, if you have an affiliate program that pays $20 then, with 5 sales you are in profit. It should be easy to reach this, remember you will still get traffic after your articles are submitted, so maybe you will have a more success in the month following the article submissions. And if you choose AdSense to monetize your website, you could make $3 a day and in a month get back your investment.

I recommend you to read the free report by Josh Spaulding, the “$5 mini site formula” (Nope, not affiliate link, it’s free). Josh explains how to make at least $5 a day with article marketing and AdSense. I enjoyed the keyword selection part and have myself experienced some great things from then. If you already have websites with AdSense, a few tricks with keywords could increase your earnings.

So even if you hire a ghost writer as I described or writes article yourself, AdSense is still a great way to earn money from your mini-site. Articles are great for long term traffic.

Articles and Selling Websites

Either you write yourself content or pay for it, you have content that you can put on your website. Just don’t copy articles from article directories to a new website and sell the website. On a website you want to sell, it’s better to have unique content.

Some people just sell websites without any marketing having been done. They are just good writers, so they build a website of say 20 pages and then sell it on forums, saying that the website is new, there is no revenue from it, but it has good keywords and if the buyer is good at SEO or marketing then it can makes good money.

That’s a good strategy, if this is on a topic where keywords pay well, or if you can recommend affiliate offers then you can have some people interested. You could even combine it with the previous strategy : having someone writing content for your website. You then sell it for more.

Or you can test how the website is doing. You will track performance and visits to the site and will have stats to provide to buyers. Then decide how much you can sell the website ofr. I’ve seen some people saying the value should be 6 months of website income, some have said 10. I can’t really say how much you should sell, but check the midascode blog for cool tips about buying and selling websites or their buying and selling website services .

Article Writing and Selling

Well everything is the title, I talked about writing articles yourself or hiring someone. This “someone” could be you, and people could ask your services. Forums are a good starting point. You can introduce your services at a very low price to get some people coming. You could even actually offer a free article to the first person who answers your offer. Don’t forget to ask people to review your work (risky if you write crap).

Be sure to know if you can write on any topic or if you are an expert on one or more specific fields.

Turn Articles Into Videos

That’s a great solution. First because if you have an article written, then you can just make a short video with only text and a little music. Second possibility, you can film yourself with your webcam or another video recorder, with you just reading your article to your audience. This is really easy and fast, your videos can just be just one minute long or less this is not a problem.

The main advantage is you can put your backlink to your website too, so if people like the video they can visit your website for more information. But you may also have seen that some YouTube videos are at the top of Google SERPs. So again : good keywords should bring you targeted traffic. Why not put your product reviews into video ?

Another place to put your articles

So unique content is good, you have written or bought it and now you have decide where to put it : on your website or blog, or submitting to article directories. There is another place for good content, and this is Squidoo. I have used it a lot. You may know Squidoo is really appreciated by Google, and you may have noticed some squidoo lenses are in the first page of Google.

It happened to me for some keywords and of course you can monetize your Squidoo pages with some affiliate programs and build backlinks from there pointing to your website. Squidoo lenses are so easy, fun and powerful for your business. Really, if you don’t have used it yet, do it. You can just put one article, then an Amazon or eBay module, a guestbook and some YouTube videos (hey why not the one you created).

Well that’s it for now. These are some strategies to market or build a website with articles, either you choose to purchase content or build it yourself, you NEED content.

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Some Article Strategies To Make Money — 4 Comments

  1. Your crappy articles undoubtedly sound like the ones on my site. Next time, pay a little more and get articles worth reading. Two good, interesting articles will bring you credibility and read interest that can result in sales. A hundred crappy articles will cost more and not bring you as much business.

  2. I don’t know what you are really talking about, there were no crappy articles I bought. Even those that were not unique, I was scammed yes, but articles were well written.

    All I can see is you are trying to bring yourself some business. Don’t know if your commenting strategy works. I’m not an article writer so I have started to outsource, that’s it.

    I myself am not English, American or from any other english speaking country. But I can write good articles too and build backlinks to websites were I have some affiliate programs running.

    Of course there are some writers who are not as great as you are, I guess.

  3. Thanks for the plug, Tom. Don’t worry about that guy. You’ll always have negative people. Just ignore them and keep doing what works 😉

  4. Thanks Josh for taking the time to comment here. Your reports are cool and yep, will keep doing what works. Small niches are highly profitable 😉

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