The Link Juicer Review – My Experience

Hi again, earlier I posted about a blog network I joined few months ago, this is The Link Juicer. And I guess this will serve as a review. So the Link Juicer is certainly not the most popular blog network, but it still does what most do: syndicating content on blogs, and building links to your money site as well as the blogs your content got syndicated.

So this ensure you get your backlinks indexed and give you some great link juice. They even ping every bookmarks and post, create an XML feed and submit it to RSS sites.It shouldgive me great rankings… well, that was the theory.

My The Link Juicer Review

By visiting The Link Juicer, I found it a great deal, because it was supposed to really interesting Web2.0 sites and used great social bookmarking sites as for boosting your backlinks. When you see a picture like the one below (on the Overview page), it is very interesting:

The Link Juicer Review

And that’s just the “what you could get after a few days”, the “what you could get after few weeks” diagram is even more impressive. But I guess I should have read between the line because this overview of how it works and what you can achieve is actually just an “example” and not what is really provided as a service.

At the bottom of the page we can read ” Diagrams are illustrative and non-contractual. The actual sites supported by The Link Juicer may vary from time to time.” Let me tell you, this must have changed a lot, cause you will not get many links from those web 2.0 sites and they really should remove these diagrams and simply say that you will get links from WPMU blogs and only few social bookmarking sites.

The blogs where your content is syndicate don’t have a high PR, if any. Even if I know PR is not only factor to get you rankings, other blog networks have those, andit seems to provide rankings. You don’t get content posted to ay squidoo or hubpage or or blogger. More like WordPress MU blogs.

And theĀ  social bookmarks are only from few sites, maybe 2 or 3. I think I only got some from diigo (mainly), linkagogo and delicious.

Now, I really wanted to like this more than I do. I guess they will tell me that to get better rankings I should have less campaigns running so I could use more posts per day per campaign. Let me explain.

Indeed with your Link Juicer account, you can get upto 50 links per day. You choose how much you want. So if you create 10 campaigns you can choose to have 5 links created per day to each, or more for one campaign and less for another. It’s up to you.

So I created several campaigns, spreading links from 3 to 6 per day. I know you will say it’s maybe not enough but quite frankly after few months this still got me few hundreds of backlinks per campaign. Now, maybe these need to be indexed a little more, but I thought that this is what The Link Juicer would do automatically with social bookmarks, pinging and XML submissions.

I asked to the support why I only get bookmarks from diigo and linkagogo. Well, they answered:

“There were a number of public bookmarking sites. One by one they either bit the dust or changed their interface which broke our code. We plan to review this and add some more. The priority right now is to have a strong base of wordpress blogs and then to go after the bmk sites again.”

I don’t know how strong and when this will be the case but I don’t think I’ve seen an improvement on the network really. No communication about this.

So now, what are the results?

Well, nothing to brag about. Again, maybe it is because I haven’t used enough backlinks per campaign, but after 3 months… And for not so competitive keywords either.

On the 5 campaigns that I really wanted to see improvements in rankings, only one keyword seems to have moved, from 16 to 8. I have to say some of my other keywords were already on page 1. I sometimes saw a bit of movement and then back and stuck to the same positions, or even lower rankings.

Will I stay subscribed?

Well, I really want to try Build My Rank. But first I will let another chance to The Link Juicer, though I already have my idea on who is the most competitive. That’s the last month.

You can receive up to 50 links per day. And each campaign can receive a maximum of 20 links per day. So what I will do is increase the number of links per day to 20 on two campaigns and to 10 on one. This way I’ll get only 3 campaigns running, two at their maximum.

TheLinkJuicer has upgrade options so you can have more links per day to spread on your campaigns. This is still 50 links per day per account, and you can upgrade with 5 accounts increments.

The Link Juicer is $47 per month.

What you get?

  • 50 links per day (1500 a month) automatically built to your site and blog posts linking to your site.
  • The ability to spin content (title, description for bookmarks, tags…)
  • A free 30 day trial.

Should you join?

Why not? It’s certainly worth a try, but I guess you want to go with the settings I tols you earlier. Go for a lower number of campigns and build more backlinks to those every day, just as I explained. There is a 30 days free trial. Posts need to be between 100 and 250 words. So prepare those posts in advance. Spin the content, title and bookmark text used both for your blog posts and the URL you will promote. If you join and don’t have content ready, you will lose a few days of using the service, even if it’s free for the first month.

Join and create 3 of those posts inside the members area and you can see if your 3 campaigns get some good. Click here to join The Link Juicer.

By joining now, and just for trying you can create a campaign that will have 600 links (20 links x 30 days) automatically built, spread between your site and your blog posts in one month. For free. If you don’t see major movements, cancel. Though I admit a site may need more than 30 days to see results, there’s no money back guarantee for the second month (which is a paid one) since you already got the first for free.

Let’s see if results change with these new settings.

I will update on that experiment in a month, well it’s going to be Christmas so maybe a bit later or before if things change.

See you soon.

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