Very Busy Days! But Still Here

Hey you, hope you’re all good. I’m sorry I haven’t added much posts from last week until today, I am very busy with tons of stuff that really don’t have to do with internet marketing of any kind. But hey, that’s life and everyone has things to do too.

I’ve been working a lot on the new theme, and will finally not use the Gantry Framework as I said in a previous post.I’ve been brainstorming with other persons for Christmas gift ideas (and I still haven’t done any shoppin, oops), and a little bit of… woodworking.

But anyway I think I will have something like 12 widgetized areas, I certainly should have outsourced the work because it took me a lot of time to figure things out. I’m not a designer or coder but really thought it would not take that long. Anyway it’s almost done, I just need to choose few colors. IT will still be a very simple and clean layout.

Okay so, I’m still here and will tell you about few other things today. I think I’l have a review ready for you about a keyword research software. Yeah I know there are tons on the market but this one is really inexpensive and do everything you actually want from such tool.

For now, have you checked the new videos from The Elevation Group? You really should as they are really giving you some more great infos, such as how Mike Dillard created a 6 figures retirement plan tax free. Tat’s right, from his 60 he will be able to get $100,000. Oh, that’s per month!

Today video 3 should also be released. So if you want to get smart about your finances and protect your assets, grow your money, this is where you want to go today.

See you later for the keyword research software review.


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