Video Hijacker by Jason Moffatt Going Down

I got an email from Jason Moffatt, the creator of Easy Video Sales, and I thought you might want to know about it. Well Jason plans to take Video Hijacker website down. At least you will not be able to order it on its own website, Jason plans to put all of his products in one bigger portal. Video Hijacker website will “self destruct” (in Jason’s words) Tuesday, yep, today. It is the video marketing and core course of Easy Video Sales, that will also go in that portal too.

I don’t know if that means J-Mo will now offer a membership site ir if you will have to pay big bucks for a bigger package or anything else, but everything will be centralized in one place. Affiliate links will also redirect to this new site.

Jason aksi has a new product that should be released soon, about social media, particularly Twitter that earned him some big income. (Want a confidence : I have no Twitter account, really).

So if you want to grab Easy Video Sales ($297, was $397) or Video Hijacker (only $77), do it today.

You can watch the video post Jason published on his blog about this.

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