Your WordPress Blogs May Have Been Hacked

I got 2 emails from Dean Hunt this week and I now take the time to spread the word about the possibility of your WordPress blogs getting hacked. Actually, Dean saw his rankings dropped for no visible reason until he discovered some hidden links in his footer. You can’t see these links, but Google can and hundreds of links saying “Buy Viagra” in your footer isn’t really good for SEO, especially if you don’t have a Viagra website.

The full story can be read here : Has Your WordPress Blog Been Hacked ?. It will tell you how to be protected.

Dean was in the top 25 make money online blogs when it happened to him, so he created a tool that checks your Google cache. It will show you the external links from your website, so if at the bottom of the list you can see some spamming links, then something is wong. The tool is the cache checker.

See the following post Dean made : Top 100 Make Money Online Blogs Hacked. Dean checked the top 100 blogs to find if there blogs were hacked, and he found anoter one, Affiliate Confessions.

What’s the end of the story ? Getting hacked gets you backlinks ! Hmm, just kidding. Use the Cache Checker tool and see if you’re safe, and read the posts from Dean to be protected.

For those who were wondering if I’m still alive (about 0.6 person), I’m still busy with my review works but almost done. They will be the base of some case studies as I am combining some of the few techniques I learnt to make and use reviews (and make a bit of cash).

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