2 Weeks Before 30 Days Blogging Challenge Success

Okay, I’m saying success and it’s not over, if you don’t know what I’m talking about I’ve chanllenged myself to write at least one blog post per day for 30 days. So on November 22nd I should have 174 posts published on my blog. I’m currently already at 169 with this one.

The goal is not really in the number of published posts but in the daily postings. So I plan to follow up and deliver some stuff. This is my post for today, I have not really anything to say but that’s a post I have to make. So there may be a lesson here and that’s the one of making your challenge public.

When you do this everyone knows about it and will know if you fail so… I don’t want to fail this and plan to succeed.

This is a little goal to achieve, so in my next posts we’ll discuss goal settings, and achieving those.

Take care,


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