3 Places To Outsource Articles For Cheap

Hey everyone, I recently blogged about some daily goals and one of mine was “outsource something” and particularly content. I outsourced 6 articles yesterday, and actually go them the same day. I have used 3 sites that I am very satisfied with, you can customize your order for quality (from basic to excellent/expert level), number of words and most important any topic, with your instructions.

Now I know some people will tell me you can outsource on freelance sites like elance, odesk, guru.com, rent-a-coder, and others. That you can even get better rates if you do some proper job interview and pay by the hour instead of per article. Well that’s true, but I’ve never done it so I won’t say anything about that, just my experience.

However for some articles to be written cheap and fast and even to save time, I’d suggest these 3 sites that are super easy to use. You’ll see for yourself, you can join them all free, and then fund your account.

  1. The Content Authority – It became my favorite lately, their turnaround is quite fast. Even if they say that curently the time to get basic quality articles is about 3-4 days I got mine the same day. And quality is really great, you can also order some rewrites of articles, and submission to EzineArticles and other sites for a little fee. Start at 0.01 per words upto 0.05 for the highest quality. You can also place direct orders to a writer that you liked. Try them!
  2. Articlez – It’s cerainly the one I used the most, always been pleased with the service. An article will be of a minimum of 300 words for $6, though you can also order blog posts of 200 words, blurbs of 100 words too. I still used them today, may be more expensive than The Content Authority, you can still customize your ordersin any way you want, and if I remember well all their writers are native English speakers.
  3. TextBroker – I used them once, they’re really great, they have some fees for each article but nothing too expensive. You can select from low to expert quality articles, and what’s cool is that a very talented writer can choose to write an article at a lower rate.

These article sites can really help you and provide you with quality content that you can use to submit to eZineArticles for example, I never got something rejected. Another important thing that you should do is give clear instructions in the description of your project so you are sure to get everything the way you want.

Also they all allow revisions if the article was not what you asked for, and this is precisely why you want to give clear instructions. If you didn’t precise that you wanted the content to be written a certain way and include these keywords or these other elements then the writer will do his/her best with what he got.

Just don’t give a keyword to the writer and tell him to “write about that keyword”. It can be okay for simply backlinking purpose but if it’s for content to put on your site and the writer use negative tone about what you actually wanted to promote it’s going to be hard to make money from this.

Okay so I hope you enjoyed this little article and wil take advantage of these cool resources to outsource articles for cheap!


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