30 Day Blogging Challenge Success And Results

Wow, I made it, my 30 day blogging challenge is over. I added one blog post per day to this blog, I enjoyed it. Did you? I know I’m not talking to a lot of people, between 4 to 8 persons actually. That’s what my Analytics report shows me.

So does adding more content to your blog daily brings you more traffic, well yes, but it is certainly not that much. I’m sure I provided quality content, shared a lot of free stuff, tips and all. Maybe 3 affiliate promotions over a month, how many did you get in your email from your favorite guru?

So here’s proof I reached the 174 published posts mark, actually 181, this one you’re reading being a draft and doesn’t really count:

30 Day Blogging Challenge End

Well the results are here:

Before starting the challenge, I got 62 unique visits, 87 page views for the 30 previous days.

At the end of this challenge…

I have 94 unique visits and 135 page views. So impressive, a very high peak of 8 visitors on November 9th… Really nothing to be proud about, anyway I never have seen this blog as being my main money maker, just sharing some informations about internet marketing.

I didn’t have any comment, other than spam.

That’s still over 50% more unique visits, 55% more page views. So if these improvement were to be the same on a more visited blog then it would be very interesting.

But even on a low traffic blog like this one, traffic can be monetized, I just don’t have ads flashing everywhere or affiliate links in all posts. It’s not optimized for monetization.

If it was, then even 94 targeted unique visits can lead to some money. Though I can not be SUPER happy with the fact that blogging each day here, someitmes posting more than once a day only got me just 1 more visitor a day, I succeed on my initial challenge.

  • Did I add one blog post each day? YES
  • Did it bring more traffic? YES

If you haven’t seen my previous post about Chris Rempel’s 72 hours offer (affiliate video reviews), he had a website generating $400 a month from 7 visits a day on average, so again, even with low traffic you can make money providing you have high converting elements on your web pages.

So what’s next?

Well for you I don’t know, I asked at the beginning of the challenge that you should challenge yourself too, for the same goal or something different and then we could share our experience. But anyway, you, one of my 4-8 visitors didn’t tell me anything about that.

But I’ll be happy to hear your thoughts and experience from previous and future challenge you set to yourself.

For me, another challenge is waiting for me, it’s going to be almost the same. Adding one more blog post per day to a blog, except this time it will be optimized for conversions and I’ll see my results. No, sorry, I’m not sharing my niches and the products I’m promoting, there are tons out there and I actually promote any kind of product and services. Just take acion on something you know people buy. Simple right?

I’ll try to update this blog at the same time, maybe less often but at least twice a week to tell you about what I’m doing and my results, I hope this may still get me some more traffic this time, and above all help others. It’s becoming another point I want to develop, giving to others. The more you give, the more you get as they say.

Plus, Christmas is in 33 days, so another 30 day challenge is just right for me. I have some work to do now, since I need to figure if I do this on an existing blog or a brand new one, from scratch, which will require backlinking in addition to content creation.

For next year, I’ll be doing more case studies like these. I find it’s a very good way to keep motivation, especially when you make it a challenge. It becomes a goal, and if you set SMART goals you should be able to achieve them all. If you take action.

Impossible is nothing (adidas), Just do it (Nike). So everyone is happy.


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