Affiliate Genie – Affiliate Website Builder Better Than WordPress!

Hey everyone, hope everything is fine for you. Maybe you know it, if you don’t you will in a second, Chris Rempel just launched Affiliate Genie, a website builder for affiliates. It’s the “WordPress for Affiliates”. No, it’s not a WordPress tweaked software, it’s something better.

Better really ?

Well, I will admit, all of my affiliate websites, review sites have been created under WordPress, and I’ve always enjoyed it (Affiliate Genie was not released so don’t blame me ok ;)). Truth is, I always have to edit few things here and there for each sites and that is time consuming. Affiliate Genie is much simpler, here’s why.

Remember first : it’s made for affiliates, though I can totally see it as for content websites or something else as it is customizable. However if you remember the Conduit Method (by Chris Rempel), it was a really simple way to make money with very simple and fast work.  You had to build the sites yourself, or use WordPress, that’s why Chris released VIP Essentials, a pack of html templates, XSitePro templates and a WP theme so you could easily fill those with some Conduit content. It was already even quicker and easier to publish these simple money making sites. Now, it’s the next level.

(yes, I love Chris Rempel products, but let’s move on…)

Affiliate Genie is now the Ultimate affiliate website builder. All the elements needed to create better than “Conduit” websites are now included and improved. Prominence of the main offer, comments and rating system (so your visitors can rate the products themselves), SEO friendly URLs just like permalinks, add pictures and videos easily, RSS feed, XML sitemap, social bookmarking buttons… and more.

And you can customize everything, just look at some demo sites and you’ll see the variety you can create for all your sites.

The comments can be moderated, but there’s an anti-spam feature, where your visitors will have to answer a question prior to posting (something like 2+2 = ?).

It’s so straight forward, like plug and play. You upload files and you can start adding content, articles or reviews, videos well anything. It’s simple but don’t worry if you want, you can still use the html editor. But it’s really cool that you don’t have to mess with any code, script or anything to be able to use it. You can tweak your theme colors very simply, actually you can do some sitewide updates from one spot.

It even doesn’t need a database !

Want to ad your Google Analytics code or other scripts ? Feel free to do so. There’s no restriction. Not even on the number of sites you can create. You’ve certainly seen some software that have various license so you can use it either on only one domain, 5 domains, or unlimited websites. Well there’s only one price for Affiliate Genie, which is $97, and you can create as many websites as you want with it.

Again, this is the website builder for Affiliates. Will I stop using WordPress ? Of course not, I have too many websites built with it and it would take time to re-do them. However I have many other to build and now Affiliate Genie is here.

Now why would you buy Affiliate Genie while WordPress is free ? I thought I explained everything in that post, it should have answered this question. WordPress is a blogging platform, that you can use as a CMS and affiliate sites if you tweak your theme code. Affiliate Genie is an affiliate websites builder, in other words it’s designed to create money making websites, fast.

If you’re a serious affiliate, Affiliate Genie is the tool to have and use. Get it : Affiliate Genie.

One part that I had not considered was site flipping. I guess you can see the potential here. You just have created an affiliate site that is pulling some money, you can just flip it for some instant big cash, and there’s no database to export or anything, there’s no database at all!

$97, one time, with the common unconditional 60 days money back guarantee.

“Yeah but what about the FTC stuff on affiliate marketing ?” Hmmm… there’s a feature included in Affiliate Genie about that. A default statement will appear sitewide, you can of course edit it and write your own. You can even talk about compensation on a product by product basis. So no worries here, you’ve been covered.

So if you are an affiliate marketer,  searching for a SIMPLE system that CREATES websites FAST, websites that CONVERTS, or SELLS if you want, there is nothing that does it better than Affiliate Genie. Affiliate marketing made super simple.

Okay, that’s it for me. Please go to Affiliate Genie now, watch the video that explais all and make a smart choice !

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