Affiliate Millionaire Video – Tiny List Of 332 Makes $4643.40 (One Promo) ?

Affiliate Millionaire is still giving away some free content. Though the first video didn’t teach you anything except showing you the lifestyle Andrew Fox is enjoying, this second one is quite interesting.

Indeed, there’s a lot of hype around list building. While we know it’s an incredible asset to have a list to make money from over and over, we are also told that the bigger the better. It’s true if this is a list of buyers and people who trust you, and you give value to.

If you can deliver value and have a super responsive list of buyers, then even a tiny list can get you great results. That’s the purpose of this video, in which you will see how a list of 332 people generated $4643.40.

The video also comes with a PDF you can download showing you the promotion Andrew ran for Day Job Killer, and made him $39k.

Check video #2.

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