Affiliate Millionaire Video – Andrew Fox Super Affiliate Story

Andrew Fox is a super affiliate. A real one. The kind of guys that leave the dream, you know the Ferrari, the boats, the travels etc. We’ve seen it all from lots of clickbank ebooks salespage, right ? Except he does really own everything you dream about when you think about making money from home.

Super affiliates generate 6 figures, or 7 figures a year (he’s in the latter one) by doing his stuff. His stuff is email marketing, and he doesn’t need to have his own product to generate that kind of income. He’s an affiliate marketer and by doing things right you can get a lot more money from your list.

Since he’s been in business for over 10 years he ha some knowledge he now wnts to share in a new program called Affiliate Millionaire. You can now see some free videos he’s giving away and see that even with tiny lists you can make a really solid income.

I appreciate Andrew doesn’t sounds full of hype and is very straightforward with his earnings and your earning potential. So there is now a video you can see on how he made $1,000,000 as an affiliate, and there are more to come.

Please watch the video and get some inspiration, the next video will be ready soon and you’re going to love it.

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