Affiliates, Are You Ready For Christmas?

Hi all, hope your week end has been great, I just wanted to share some thoughts about your affiliate offers for Christmas. In about a month and a half people are goint to offer each others tons of gifts. Gifts which are… phisycal products.

Since I’ve been discussing product reviews of physical products recently I thought it should be worth telling you should focus NOW on promoting physical products. People are already buying gifts for their families and friends and there are tons of niches you can promote.

Need a plan?

Just go to Amazon, check all the bestsellers in many categories, target product types and product names as your keywords and you get traffic to these. Create a new website with WordPress or free Blogger blog if you don’t have money, create content and put it out there.

As an example I’ve been able to I’ve done that exactly one month ago with a product I’ve found on Amazon, with a free blogger blog. Just 2 articles submitted to top article directories, doc sharing sites, and social bookmarking. I made 2 sales since then. That’s not that much I know but as a test it was very interesting. I can just build more backlinks and drive more traffic to make more, and it was all free.

Now of course it will take you the same effort to promote a low priced product than a more expensive one so if competition is similar promote some higher priced products. If they are good sellers, have good reviews and you can send targeted traffic there then you can only make money.

So… if you need a plan, choose products that…

  • have at least $100,
  • have at least 15 reviews
  • have at least 4 out of 5 rating

No I’m not going to tell you how much competition, how much search volume the keywords should get. Why?

If the product is selling, you can make a commission. You know it is selling because it gets reviews. You can see the bestsellers for each categories and sub categories on Amazon. You can sort results in bestselling order That’s all that matters.

  • Create a website, or free blog and write 2 articles (1 review) for each product
  • Ping your blog/website
  • Social bookmark your website
  • Submit the RSS feed of yoru blog to RSS aggregators
  • Write 2 other articles for each article
  • Submit your articles to top article directories (I’ve already gave you this list, don’t submit to all though it doesn’t hurt, but 10-15 is already enough)
  • Ping the article directories (with your article URL)
  • Submit the articles to doc sharing sites (Scribd, Docstoc), you’ll have to convert your article to PDF (use Open Office to do that, it’s completely free)
  • Ping the URLs of your articles on doc sharing sites too

If you target one niche or product type you can just have one website, it’s ok.

I gave you the link for the topa article directories, but really when you need to find a top list. Just use Google. So if you need a list of social bookmarking sites, just google top social bookmarking sites, or best social bookmarking sites, list of bookmarking sites… Same for web 2.0 pages, RSS, and anything that you can get a link from.

The plan given is really easy, if you’ve been online for some time you can certainly do it. You can outsource it or do it yourself. 5 products, 4 articles each that’s 20 articles. I think you can write all of these and submit and publish 3-4 days appart and have everything done in one week.

Track your sales, hits, conversions… Improve, do a little more here and there.Duplicate.

No secret.

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