Article Marketing Super Basics

I think it’s time again to talk about article marketing, a very basic method to get backlinks to your sites and blogs. This is an SEO technique that I’ve started with, and I still do today. I mentioned it in my yesterday’s post. By the way, I didn’t have any comment for my last post so maybe nobody read it, which would not surprise me.

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Today’s update is about another subject, article marketing. Hey that’s a third post in 3 days. Wow! Outstanding. I know.

Well, tons of stuff have been written on the subject, and I will tell you what has been working for me in the past and today. And guess what, fundamentals always apply.

I’m not going to go into keyword research, competition analysis, beacause in the end you can rank for almost any keyword. In a search engine optimization perspective, you have the same work to do, but for competitive terms you may need more work. That often means more backlinks from a wide variety of source and preferably from relevant, on topic pages.

There are two ways you can see Article Marketing:

1. To boost your website rankings
2. To get traffic directly to the article (and then whatever pages it links to)

I. Boost your website rankings

So, we saw that article marketing is an SEO technique, because article directories you submit your articles to will have links to your own website. And the more links you get to your website, the higher your rankings will be.

Thie last sentence remains true for all other backlinkging strategies. But for this article an for niche website this can be enough. We’ll talk about other strategies later.

What happens when you submit your article to article directories:

1. Your article is approved.

Depending on the authority of the article directory, it may take some time for your article to get indexed (included in the search engine index). Your article will also show in the sarch engine results for the keywords you optimized the article for. Again the rankings of your article depend on the authority of the article directory.

2. When your article is indexed, the link to your website is also indexed.

As you may know, links count as votes for your website in the eye of search engines. The more links you get, the more votes for your websites.

3. Search engines count the number of backlinks (how many articles yo submitted), see what keywords you used to backlink to your pages (the anchor text), and where the backlinks come from (articles directory with authority, content relevant to your site topic/keyword). Your site receives a boost.

Now for the biggest boost possible, you need more backlinks. So write more backlinks, use the same keyword anchor text to optimize the page for that keyword. With more and more articles you can also use different keywords.

  • Here’s a concrete example:

You want your website to be renking for the keyword weight loss programs

So, you may have this keyword in the domain name, in the title, in the meta descritpion, in the content… All the great places it needs to appear. That’s basic on page SEO.

Your Off page SEO work consists of writing articles about weight loss programs and other weight loss keywords. In the resource box you will link to your article using the anchor text weight loss programs. The keyword you want to rank for, remember.

In HTML, you would add this : <a href=””>weight loss programs</a>

The more backlinks with weight loss programs as a keyword you use to link to your website will get you a ranking boost in the search engine results. You will get more traffic.

That’s pure basic SEO stuff, fundamentals that still apply. We’re not into advanced stuff here so no need for details. But it actually works, still works. Fo small niche websites this strategy can be more than enough to get high rankings and stick there. I know because I have several websites that I marketed only with articles, or mostly with.

Now, you can submit the same article to multiple article directories, this way you multiply your backlinks. If you have already read about duplicate content you may believe it’s not worth it, or you may also know that links still get indexed, but Google will only serve one version of your article in the search engines.

Remember that in this configuration, you write articles to get rankings boost for your website. Eventually your article will rank high, and days or weeks after they will start to rank lower, but still the backlinks have been indexed. So you don’t really care if your articles receive any kind of traffic.

We’ll talk in another post about how to index links faster, or more links for your marketing efforts because some directories are less authoritative and may not get indexed at all, unless you tell search engines about those.

However you may want to take advantage of the authority of the article directories and deliver your message in the articles. In this case you care more about the articles than your website. Your website will serve as a selling platform, or pre-selling page.

That’s the second part.

II. Getting traffic to the articles

This part is going to be shorter, because the principles to optimize a page of your own apply in the exact same way as for an article you submitted to an article directory.

What does that mean ?

Well clearly you will optimize your article as it was content for your website. So your keyword will go in your title, summary, body (should at least be in the first and last paragraph).

If you want to boost the ranking of your article, you need to build links to it. So yes, you can write articles, or even submit the same article to other article directories than the one you submitted to, and link to there.

  • Concrete example:

The article you want to boost and rank is on, the top article directoy, you should really submit to them. For this article your link goes to your website, this is your main article.

Well, you then submit articles to other article directories, but this time the link in your resource box will point to the article on EzineArticles. And the same process takes place, resulting in a boost in rankings and ultimately will make your article stick at a top position in SERPs.

Why would you do this, isn’t it better to boost your website?

It depends of what you want to do, and how much effort you want to put into a website. If you drive traffic to article directories, you may not need to optimize your website for search engines. And you may just have one page of content pre-selling an offer you are promoting as an affiliate.

Now to expand on this, you can of course write more articles on different keywords and boost them all. The goal is to have one article for each keyword you want in the top SERPs.

Now ultimately, if your articles get backlinks, the become stronger, and the backlinks you get from are considered stronger too. So your website may also get a boost in rankings.

There are many other concepts we should go through, in terms of SEO but for the sake of simple article marketing this almost all you need to know.

Backlinking from a variety of sources, not just article directories is something you should do to appear natural in the eyes of search engines. Not that article marketing only doesn’t appear natural, but it’s of course beneficial to show search engines other sources like blogs, forums, social media sites, press releases are mentioning your website by having a link to your site.

III. Combining both

Aha! You didn’t expect to see a third part did you? Well, nothing prevents you to combine both: optimizing your website and optimizing your articles. The purpose: getting the most traffic.

Just to take the idea from part II, if your articles get stronger, the backlinks are too, and then your website too. So instead of just having one page of content on your website, you will want to have more pages, that you will need to backlink to, using what we said above.

Here’s a concrete example again.

  • Article 1,2,3 Keyword: weight loss programs – link to
  • Article 4,5,6 Keyword: weight los tips – link to
  • Article 7,8,9 keyword : weight loss workout – link to

The number of articles per keyword is just an example, and the weight loss niche too.

Now in this perspective you at least get 9 backlinks to your website (more of course if you submit each 9 articles to multiple article drectories).

To get stronger backlinks, you will also do this:

  • Article 10,11,12 : keyword weight loss programs (or variation) link to article 1,2,3
  • Article 13,14,15 : keyword weight loss tips (or variation) link to article 4,5,6
  • Article 16,17,18 : keyword weight loss workout (or variation) link to article 7,8,9

Okay that post is certainly very long, but also very basic. I hope it helps few beginners and if you are in small niches again, you can get real results only by using article marketing. In future posts we’ll see more about article marketing and SEO strategies.

Now I understand many marketers will tell me there’s nothing new in that post, but it’s still accurate and there are many others just starting out. Actually, I could have been into much more newbie details. But it’s a good thing that not too many things are said so people make their own experiment and see what happens.

Now, here’s a link you should visit, the top 50 article directories, ordered by alexa ranking, and with PageRank. This list is constantly updated, every month.

Just a little note: they have their guidelines that you need to write, for example EzineArticles accept articles from 250 words, some will require 300, 400 or more. Don’t submit to all (if you can then do it but), you can select the top 15 and you’ll get some good results from them.

Once you have made some money or if you already have some, you may buy an article submission software that will do it automatically. I’ll recommend one to you later. I use few ones, and I’ll tell you about those. And don’t worry there are cheap solutions out there, as well as free ones.

I think it’s time to leave you for today, or maybe I’d get something to add, damn am I becoming a blogger?

Please comment!

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