AutoBlogging – What Are Your Options For Optimized Duplicate Content?

Okay, so my last post was about making money with duplicate content and we saw that if your website had more authority than others (like article directories), then your website is going to be prefered by search engines and voted the most relevant. That’s actually how article directories are ranking in Google for the same exact content.

Now, if writing content is not where the work is since you don’t have to write a sing le word, then your work is to build backlinks so it gain a bit of trust and become the authority. It would be better to have specific niche autoblogs so all your content is relevant, and you don’t go compete with eZineArticles, at least for your domain, instead of tons of different topics (I may be wrong, I know). For inner pages (or actually posts) you’ll still have to build backlinks there.

Again republishing content is not going to get you penalized, banned from Google index. There is no duplicate content penalty in that way. Your version is simply not going to be listed in the results since it’s the same as the original and no more relevant for the user.

If you find content that is ranking well without too much backlinks, then you can republish it and build few backlinks there to see if you can outrank it. Try it, make your own experiments and conclusions.

Or you can optimize that content.

Remember, you can’t change anything in the article itself. But you can change things around or in the background to have your site ranks in place of the original versions. So, here are  two autoblog plugins for WordPress that will take care of it for you, they are both different but boh effective.

WP Unique

Okay WPUnique is not really an autoblogging plugin. It will not publish articles automaticall on your blog. But this one is a kind of magic.

WP Unique is a plugin by Steven Fullman, and what it does is encoding your blog posts so they look unique to search engines. To the reader both version are exactly the same but in the source code the content is not readable, at least by us. But to search engines it is.

WPUnique has been launched a year ago, and is regularly upgraded and still works like a charm. I encourage you to watch the videos on WPUnique website to discover the features. You can now choose to make all your posts unique, convert keywords to affiliate links automatically, and even auto-spin the content. So each time you refresh a blog post it appears different.

This is an awesome plugin. If you want to build some easy niche blogs without hard work then get this. It will work with any auto blog plugins. I think I’m going to get it since it’s quite cheap and I will make it work with an autoblog plugin that publish Amazon products. So I’ll try to rank better than Amazon for products people want to buy!

Check out WPUnique, there are videos explaining it all.

There is an upsell for the developper license at $127, so you can sell your websites! Now this can be a huge opportunity to create sites super quickly with no content writing work on your part! It they rank and get traffic then you already can sell it for some nice money, even without revenue!

WP Easy Content (aka WP Content Re-Optimizer)

This one is a great one too that I’m probably going to buy before November 1st. Because I know from the author price is going to raise at this date. The author is Oz, I’ve told you about him and his great RAMOS report (still under $2) and free SEOn Trial report.

What WP Easy Content does is reoptimizing your content. It will republish articles with just adding a paragraph or  two before and after the article.

“But I thought you have to leave the article intact.”

That’s correct! And the plugin does it for you automatically, it comes with preset text blocks that you can modify for your keywords. Between these text blocks is the title and the article completely untouched. But you have a bit more optimized content around it. It doesn’t break any TOS and your content looks better, a bit more unique, for search engines so you get some better rankings.

In the new version of WP Easy Content everything is done automatically. Importing content from multiple sources, yes this one is a n autoblogging plugin) and adding the text blocks. If you think about it you can do this manually too! That’s what Oz tried before releasing this plugin, and it worked.

So even if you don’t purchase the plugin, you can build few sites very easily and very fast. Just write a couple paragraphs, copy and paste an article in between and you’re done. In one day you could have 2 or 3, and even more sites completely done if you do it manually.

With WP Easy Content you build them in minutes.

Get WP Easy Content now, currently at $47, it will increase to $67 or $97 on November 1st.

Okay so the two plugins above are taking content and make it look more unique to search engines. They are both warmly recommended. I’ll give you my review soon of both but I can assure you they received great feedback from users and both authors provide excellent customer service.

In my next post I’ll tell you more about other autoblog plugins, some paid… some FREE!

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