Automated Link Building Solutions

Okay, so yesterday I posted about an internet marketing plan, which is more about link building in a natural way. What I wanted to show was that there are some links that most people would never make to another site. For example, you will not create a press release for social bookmark. Today I want to talk about link building again, but the automated way.

So what are the automated backlink creation solutions out there. Well there are just so many to choose from. This may be a problem though since a lot may only give you one source, I mean one link type. For example, and article distribution software will only get you links from article directories. Your goal is to get a wide variety of source, and also to get those links indexed so you also need to create backlinks to these backlinks.

You then have the choice in choosing multiple softwares or services, or outsource different tasks to SEO experts. Even if you get a software that gets you a variety of links, it may not cover everything you would like. But still, owning such tools or subscribing to various services can really save you time and make you more money. You can’t physically maintain multiple URLs and keywords rankings, and at the same time write content, or create videos and so on.

You can do it on your own, but you will have to invest more time. It may be frustrating and during that time, you’re not getting cash into the bank. OF course if you only have one site to focus on, this is another stor, however building authority sites also requires effort. Sidenote: Viral marketing, social networks may be your friends. Indeed, without link building, you can build a fan community and still receive traffic, sales and commissions. So explore that route too.

Automated Link Building Solutions

Okay, that was kind of a long introduction for that post. Now let’s get to the meat, what Automated link building solutions you may want to have a look to. I principally want to discuss tools that can bring you link diversity from one place.

Blog Networks

Well, I’ve already mentioned some here. And I really think these provide powerful link juice. Of course I haven’t tried them all, and I’m currently runing a test with the Link Juicer before I certainly switch to Build My Rank. Build My Rank would be the one I recommend the most from my observations. There are many more out there (Unique Article Wizard, My Article Network, Seo Link Vine, Article Ranks, SEO Blueprint).

SEO Softwares

Again here, there are so many to list that it is quite impossible to give them one and only definitive software name. However, I’m quite sure, many of you have heard about SENuke X. This is a software that can build backlinks from diverse type of sites, and interlink those. So you can get links from social bookmars, article directories, social networks, web 2.0 profiles and more.

It is not the only one to do so. SE Nuke X may have the advantage of an easier interface and a wizard that takes care of most of the technical stuff. I don’t use it though, at $127 per month it wasn’t for me. I think there’s even a one time fee, for something over $2000.

I chose aother solution. I have SEO Link Robot, which does the same thing, without the wizard and I got it at the time it was a one time fee. $157 I think, don’t remember exactly. It’s now $47 per month, or $227 per year, or or a one time fee of $347. There’s also a Lite version of SEOLR for those who don’t need all functions.

SEO Link Robot submits to web 2.0 sites, article directories, social bookmarking, rss feeds, ping sites, press releases sites.

Now softwares like this need to be constantly updated because they post to other sites that they don’t control. So when an article directory or a social bookmarking site changes its scripts or interface, it fails to post. I have to say it’s not necessearily a deal breaker. I still get updates often and if a post doesn’t get through I can live with it.

Just like every tool out there. You need to use it to make it work for you. Using it for a few days to see if it works and then stop will not bring a lot of results. So really, once you invest in such tools, you must use those regularly so they pay for your investment, especially if they have reccuring fees! Another solution is to purchase a license and outsource the use to a virtual assistant.

There is another tool that is more recent and that I saw popping few months ago, it’s IMSlave, it really looks exactly the same as SEO Link Robot. They say it is more white hat. Well I don’t know if it’s true, I guess it’s how you use your tools that make it white hat or not. It may have different sites it posts to. Can’t talk much about it since I don’t use it but it’s a one time fee of $127. Maybe worth a try.

SEO Services

These services include several things done for you. You just give them what they require and they will post content and links a bit everywhere. They have all their own strategy, link pyramids mixing and interlinking web 2.0, bookmarks, articles, and other types of links.

These can be very useful, and you can get a time shot or a monthly service. It really depends on how you see your SEO strategy and how you have set a budget.

I already mentioned in an earlier post They have a package I foud on WickedFire forums, the SERP Power Booster. For under $40 bucks it is a great deal. They have more, including a monthly service. – I don’t remember who recommended this to me, but it seems to get good results, they indeed have some nice plans.

Browse forums for such packages and you will find great deals.

The Beasts

These are services that I would really want to get subscribed to. They make all the work for you, you just need to provide them the enssential: keywords and URLs.


This is really hands off. It’s a $147 per month service. One account gets you 1000 backlinks per month. You can have upto 5 domains. For each domain you can have as many URLs as you want. But keep in mind that you still have amaximum of 1000 links per month. So if you use only one site, you will receive all 1000 links to that one site, if you add 5 sites, you will receive 200 links per month to each.

How it works? Well there are two videos you can watch on their site: check out LinxBoss (the system demo link shows you the user interface and exactly what you’re getting). If you don’t want to read here is a quick version:

  • You add a site (domain)
  • You then add pages you want links to (the domain itself if you want, an internal page, whatever…)
  • For each page you add anchor text: one primary keyword and then secondary keywords. The primary keyword will be used about 50% of the time, the secondary keywords will share the remaining 50%.

That’s it. Really, nothing more. They will create a variety of links for you, they will create content for you that they will distribute with your links. You just see your backlinks grow and your rankings go higher. They have a rank tracking tab that will let you see the movements of your pages for each keyword.

LinxBoss have been online for over 4 years so they are serious, and deliver on what they claim. I forgot to ad, you can pause a linking campaign for any page anytime, change keywords anytime, delete a site and replace it with another one anytime. All the links create are permanent. So if you reach rankings for the keywords you want, you can remove those keywords or sites and replace with others.

If you want to build links to more than 5 sites at once, this is possible too, just get an additional account.

Link Emperor

When I saw the capabilities of this service I was really amazed. Basically, the Link Emperor subscription you pay for it includes subscription to other services. So you only need an account with them to centralize our link building efforts.

They have several plans, $149, $349, $749 and… $2999 per month. YEAH! So I guess if you want to start with them you wil wnat to go with the cheaper plans, but also note that they have a 3 day free trial.

You really MUST see what it does, they also have a video demo at their site here: Link Emperor. It works with credits, each plan gives you a certain amount of link credits that you can then spend in the system. You have the ability to purchase additional credits if you like. The cheapest plan gives you 1,000 links to spend per day.

As I said, the system uses other services from one place, these include: high PR blog comments, forum profiles, linkwheels, social bookmarks, article links, link pyramids,web 2.0 properties, .edu and .gov profiles, link indexing, web directories submission, SE Nuke blasts, Google +1, private blog networks, videos, links from DripFeedBlasts and Dripable (which create comments and forum profiles on a drip fed manner).

And that’s just the beginning since their goal is to integrate any kind of worthwile links creation service in their system. Of course not all links cost the same amount of credits, a social bookmark is less expensive than a full SENuke blast for example.

But they are not just about link building. In fact they are really into ranking, and will help you with other features such as keyword research, tracking, keyword management. This last one is cool, it tells you what keywords you should put more efforts into. Indeed, it not just suggests keywords to use, but also what are the ones that need more boost, so you can create campaigns for it.

This service is really a beast and I just recommend you check it out because it could really be the one you need. For $149 as a starter price, a tons of things can be done. I am not using it, not yet, because I’m currently testing other services but this is surely on my list. Even for small niche websites this will be powerful.

Check out Link Emperor.

That’s the end for now.

I will not talk about XRumer or ScarpeBox as automated backlinks solution as if you use those to automate your links, it’s mostly spam. I use ScrapeBox to find awesome links sources such as high PR blog posts, yeah, even dofollow ones. Got several hundreds of PR4+ and PR5 with low outbound links just yesterday.

Other softwares that may give you principally one link source, as mentioned earlier, are article marketing, social bookmarking, RSS submission softwares, video submission software.

Basically for onle type of link source there is a software that can handle those. I have few ools from IncanSoft, I haven’t checked if they have updated their stuff but most of the ones I own have stopped working properly (ArticleBot never worked for me, SocialBOT, RSSBot, PressBot always had difficulties to go through posting process).

The best article submission software out there is Article Marketing Robot. Over 1200 article directories and you can add as many as you want, the ability to spin content of course and much more. This one piece of software can get you tons of backlinks, you can then simply pick the report and submit your links to get indexed to a service such as LinkClaw, Linklicious or Lindexed.

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