Banner Ad Blueprint CPA Marketing – by Saj P and Philip Mansour

Have you heard of Saj P and Philip Mansour ? These guys are CPA marketing rockstars. Really.They have a new course called Banner Ad Blueprint, and if you are looking at CPA Marketing, then you will want to get this fast. I’m always impressed with these kind of strategies, which are so simple and yet so effective.

Banner advertising, or media buys require a budget, that’s true. However this has nothing to do with Pay Per Click like AdWords. You can send huge traffic to CPA offers (but actually any kind of offers) for ver cheap and make a killing. You can check the Banner Ad Blueprint CPA Marketing video where you’ll see some very high $ figures.

I don’t know if the testimonials from the CEO of CPABullet.comĀ  is just for the pitch or if it’s real, but it could be possible that he really thought thi amount of money was made with illegal method. It’s not of course.

Anyway this is real money that they are making, and you can learn how to do the same. Actually, you almost don’t have much to learn, if you can copy and paste these little methods you’re on your way. An you don’t need a website, product or experience.

Saj P is the creator of Zero Friction Marketing, which was released few months ago and was a number one on ClickBank for weeks. Also I remember he made the Four Tier Annihilation Method, it’s still (for me) the best course on making money on eBay.

Banner Ad Blueprint is a very solid course, it works, providing you follow the simple steps. Click here and watch the video, and prepare to be a little shocked.

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